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2018 Resolutions in Stacked Stone

Whether individually, or as a collective group like the team here at Norstone, the beginning of the year is always a great time to reflect back on the past year and put together some resolutions for the upcoming one. We see a lot of great things on the horizon for Norstone and the decorative stone and tile industry as a whole, and look forward to turning this list of resolutions into reality for 2018 and beyond.

Resolution #1 - Continue to Launch New and Exciting Stone Veneer Products

On the heels of our highly successful launch of the White Marble and Beige Marble products in the Lynia and Aksent series this past Fall, we are already preparing a slate of new stone veneer products for the Spring and Summer of 2018. Of all the new products which are being market tested by some of our global distributors right now, we are most excited about a new large format (up to 30+ inches) single unit smooth face stone planks made from both basalt and lavastone. Being firmly planted in the light grey to black color palette, these products should be priced similarly to our stacked stone panel products and offer a very modern and architecturally bold look.

Large Format Stone Veneer Strips made of Lavastone

Additionally, a planned trip in the Spring to our production facility in Asia promises to set the course for the Fall and Winter of 2018 with products that are currently in the R&D process by our creative team.

Resolution #2 – Continue to Improve our Website

With the addition of more product lines to show to our customers, we plan to make our website more user friendly and easier to navigate. When we first laid down the architecture and theme for the current site we had three product series and eight total products. With products now well into the 20s with the potential addition of many more in 2018, we’ll look to make navigating between products and galleries easier and more intuitive. We also are hard at work beta testing a new order process which will allow customers to purchase samples directly from the website 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Screenshot of Norstone's website showing product navigation

Resolution #3 – Continue to blog every week and produce content valuable to our customers and the industry

January 20th of this year will mark one year where we’ve been producing, on average, one blog post per week. We look forward to continuing to produce content for the Norstone line of stacked stone, stone veneer, and stone tile products and for the broader stone, tile, and wall coverings industry as a whole. We’ll focus even more on our popular “how to” guides, which answer common questions people have about working with stone products, like our very popular post, “How to Install a Flat Screen TV on a Stacked Stone Wall” as well as our technical posts, which cover a variety of important topics in the stone industry from “The Importance of Sealing Natural Stone Veneer” to “Using Waterpoofing Membranes in Exterior Stacked Stone Installations”.

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Veneer used on Residential Facade project in SW Florida

Resolution #4 - Get feedback and show appreciation to our customers and supporters

We want to hear from our customers, through email, social media, or any other way we can communicate to get feedback about our stone veneer products and their experiences and interactions with our company and reward loyal customers with return incentives, perks, and bonuses. Be on the look out here and in our social media channels for updates, flash sales, and give aways.

We look forward to making 2018 a special year and thank you for being a part of the Norstone stone veneer community!

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