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Basalt 3D Ledge Stone in America's Heartland

The middle of the country often gets a bad rap in terms of being progressive in terms of home design. We’ve been fortunate enough to work and place our stone on many projects in all parts of the country, and know there are great designers and projects happening everywhere! None more so than this new construction home in Lawrence, KS that one of our custom home builder clients recently completed. Featuring our Grey Basalt 3D Ledge Stone product in multiple applications throughout, this home embraces a subdued modern design without being over the top. What truly sets this home apart is the detail in every part of the stone installation which all add up in making this space award worthy.

Outdoor fireplace and tv recessed into column clad in basalt 3d ledge stone

Starting on the rear patio, the Grey Basalt 3D ledge stone is used on a large support column which also holds a stainless steel gas fireplace and an outdoor television. With many of the accouterments of an interior living room, this patio really captures the essence of an outdoor “living” space. From a stone standpoint, the installation team skillfully and beautifully navigated outside and inside corners, the flat screen tv recess, and even installed the stone on the overhanging portion of this column. All of these elements work together nicely complementing the wooded vista of the backyard.

Rear elevation view of modern styled home outside of Kansas with grey basalt 3d ledge stone accents

The backside of the aforementioned column as viewed from the yard might look like just a stone wall, but again, the details of this project shine through upon closer inspection. We love the use of non 90 degree angles on this column – even though we love the way our outside corner units work, we can appreciate the use of an off angle and how it creates a juxtaposition to the clean lines of the rest of the house. The angles of the column play nicely with the curves of the spiral staircase, and not to be missed is the large boulders dividing the grass from the building. The natural stone aspect of these boulders helps bridge the gap between the wooded property and stone accented home.  There are some practical considerations when installing stacked stone in a freeze / thaw climate like Kansas which this builder addressed through the use of a waterproofing and anti fracture membrane applied between the substrate and setting materials.

Modern styled bar with grey 3D ledge stone used on facing and backsplash

The interior spaces of this home pick up right where the exterior leaves off, including this amazing bar which used the Grey 3D Basalt ledge stone panels on the facing and backsplash. The minimalist hardware used on the shelving fits right into the modern look of this space, but probably the most impressive detail is the interaction of the stone and the lighting. The ceiling cans and LED strips used behind the shelving hardware looks fantastic, but what really catches our eye is the undermount fixtures shining from the bar top onto the face. Coming at us from below eye level, with ideal lighting, you really notice the super clean geometric lines of this stone veneer as well as the volume of texture created by the variations in stone depth.

TV and fireplace feature wall

In terms of detail, no space in this project shines brighter than living room feature wall. The installation team deserves a standing ovation for their skilled maneuvering of the the stone into the recesses of the gas fireplace and tv, as well as working around the floating shelves flanking each side of the bump out. The under mount lighting shows off the same great texture that we admired on the bar face and the stone continuing even behind the television shows top level attention to detail that all comes together to make this space look amazing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed touring the various stone installations on this home as much as we have. Remember, good design knows no boundaries,so no matter where you are, or what your project is, dream it up, call us up, and let’s get started turning your dream project into reality!

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