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5 Outdoor Stone Fireplaces Just in Time for Fall

Outdoor stone fireplaces and fire pits have been around in one form or another since the days of cavemen, but what’s really interesting to us is the movement in the past 10-15 years of creating outdoor living spaces, complete with outdoor functioning fireplaces. For today’s luxury homeowner, gone are the primitive days of clearing an area, stacking up some rocks or bricks in a circle, and singing koombayah under the stars. A great looking, comfortable, easy to use and maintain outdoor fireplace is a highly desired feature for many people looking to enjoy some of the cool Fall evenings that are upon us. Let’s take a look at 5 cool outdoor fireplace projects that used our stacked stone veneer or natural stone tiles and see what make each one unique.

Basalt Stone Outdoor Stone Fireplace

This first stone outdoor fireplace was built earlier this year by a customer of our in Kansas, who used our Basalt 3D Panel product to create a corner fireplace in their lanai. This particular unit has some cool features, including the use of our ingenious interlocking finger joint corner to create some nice architecturally detailed corners, as well as both a gas fireplace unit and an outdoor tv for both rustic and modern entertainment. The 180 degree view of the wooded area beyond the yard connects this space to nature, while still being a few steps away from the inside.

Tri Level Basalt Modern Outdoor Fireplace surrounding circular seating area

This next project was actually one of our very first installations of our Basalt Interlocking Tile product. This outdoor conversation pit partially surrounded by a curved and tri-level stepped outdoor fireplace is such a cool contrast in the curves of the circular seating area and the straight lines of the stone outdoor fireplace. Stainless steel trim work along the vertical and horizontal breaks of the stone nicely complement the gas fireplace insert and the bright accent colors of the side tables, cushions, and pillows expertly contrast against the dark color of the natural stone tile.

Fire bowls surrounding the spillway on a pool

Everyone loves the combination of fire and water, and the fire bowls in this home outside of Tampa, FL form the perfect backdrop for this outdoor space. Whether you’re floating in the pool on a hot summer night and enjoying the shadows created by the stately palm trees, or getting steamed in the hot tub on a fall or winter evening, these fire bowls sitting atop two stacked stone columns are a fantastic addition to a high end pool.

Apartment common area gas firepit with basalt stone tile used as the veneer

Proving that even multi family dwellers enjoy a nice outdoor space, this apartment courtyard complex in the metro D.C. Area has a great linear fire pit for the residents to enjoy. The long rectangular shape of this fire pit ties in nicely with the long linear look of the basalt interlocking stone tile that clads all four sides of it. Units like these aren’t known for giving off loads of heat, but instead focus on creating a welcoming space where conversation can flow freely no matter the weather or season.

Curved open concept fireplace set amid Norstone Ivory Rock Panels

Our last outdoor stone fireplace project is easily mistaken for an interior living or family room. This lanai in Southwest Florida is jammed with details designed to “bring the indoors outside” like the prominent television and ceiling chandelier. Easily lost in everything else happening in this space is an amazing outdoor fireplace complete with curved architecture, an open concept firebox, and luxury finished like Ivory stacked stone, glass mosaic tile and stainless steel trim. Details were not overlooked in this space – right down to the herringbone design of the firebrick.

It’s not too late to capture the beautiful fall weather with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit of your own. While there are a lot of options out there, we recommend considering using natural stone as a primary building material for this project, trading a little more upfront cost for a long lasting, luxurious feature to be enjoyed for many years to come. Contact us today to learn more about how Norstone products can be used for your next outdoor stone fireplace project.

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