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5 Interior Stacked Stone Projects to Beat the Heat this Summer

For those of us who love to renovate, summer time is the perfect time of the year to tackle some small interior projects. With the heat of the summer bearing down on us interior projects offer a respite from the heat outside and since many interior renovation projects are smaller in nature, they also can be easier to fit in while juggling holidays and vacations. So this week we decided to pay homage to summer and compile a list of 5 interior stacked stone projects you might consider to make a big impact on your space without a big commitment of time or money.

Norstone Stacked Stone White Rock Panels used in the entryway of an upscale loft condo

If you’re looking to spiff up your home, a good place to start is the entryway or foyer. It’s what you and your guests see and experience every time the threshold is crossed and is a good opportunity to set the tone for your home. A few years ago a customer in Minnesota was working on a loft condo and used our White Rock Panels to flank the front door on both sides. The stone was installed in a vertical orientation and has some great spot lighting that really accentuates the color and texture the stone provides. The pure white color complements the modern minimalist design aesthetic of the space.

Norstone Stacked Stone Ochre Rock Panel Feature Wall in a Powder Bath

Powder rooms are another great small summertime project. Since the space is generally pretty small to begin with you can make a big impact with a small amount of stone on the wall. A few things to consider with powder rooms is the plumbing attachments and how the vanity and mirror will be attached to the wall. Lighting is also important in small spaces like powder rooms, so consider lighter color stones like White and Ivory if good natural light or sufficient artificial lights isn’t available.

Norstone Stacked Stone Charcoal Rock Panels on a modern backsplash with a glass splatter guard

Kitchen backsplashes are probably the small tiling project most people think of. As we’ve seen before, stacked stone rock panels are a unique option for an outside the box backsplash. Whether the design scheme is mountain rustic using Ochre Blend color, or a more contemporary look like the Charcoal backsplash seen here, stacked stone not only serves as a very durable backsplash material, but also one that will have you and your guests talking about for years to come.

Norstone Stacked Stone White Rock Panels run vertically on stair case

Stair Landings are usually one of the most uninspiring areas of a home, serving more as a way to get people from one place to the other and not really a place people care too much about. The reality though is that stairs are often centrally located in homes and with the prevalence of high ceilings in today’s new construction stair landings and stair ways are more in view than ever. The height alone makes this type of project one of the harder ones on our list, but as you can see adding stacked stone to a staircase or stair landing can make a huge impact on the space. Lighting is probably the most important consideration for a tall project like a stairway – after all you want to make sure you can see what’s on the wall!

Norstone Stacked Stone Ochre Rock Panels used for accents on a basement bar

Last but not least is some people’s favorite spot in their entire home, that being the bar, that completes our list of interior stacked stone projects to tackle this summer. Whether your bar has enough room for you and the rest of the football team in your basement or man cave, or just a simple wet bar in the corner of the kitchen, adding a stacked stone accent wall or mini backsplash can really elevate the space without a huge time or financial commitment to complete.

We hope these projects inspire you to beat the heat this summer and look around your home for a small interior project you can tackle. Before we know it the evenings will start to get just a little fresher, the leaves will get some color, but until then you friends at Norstone urge you to stay cool and think stone during the Summer of 2018!

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