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One Last Peek at Summertime with this Awesome Ivory Stacked Stone Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

Labor day is one of our favorite holidays because it’s always enjoyable to have a day off work, but it also falls in a really great time of the year. In most places the weather is still perfect for spending time outdoors and really enjoying it since the days start to get shorter quickly and depending on where you live, the tell tale signs of Fall show up before you know it. For many of us, the backyard pool is top choice for a relaxing Labor Day weekend, so in this week’s project profile we’re taking a look at a really cool installation a customer of ours did a few years ago in Southern California where the Ivory Rock Panel was used prominently on a number of features on the pool, spa, and outdoor kitchen.

Stacked Stone Veneer used on a raised beam feature in a modern styled pool

This first up close photo taken from one side of the pool and looking out towards the mountain view of this hillside home shows the Ivory Rock Panel used as stone cladding on a raised beam water feature on two sides of the pool. Raised beams are incredibly popular in current pool design as they allow you to incorporate a wider variety of products into the installation, such as the stacked stone we see here, can be used to create privacy, and also are perfect for housing water falls and scuppers, as well as providing a place to position fire bowls and other exciting pool features. One of the cool things about our Ivory Rock Panel is that since its made from hard natural quartz stone, it can not only be used in and around water, but it can even be used as a waterline tile and be submerged, as its shown here.

Norstone Finger Joint Corner Units shown in Ivory covering two outside corners on an exterior landscape wall with Travertine Cap

No matter what type of outside corner you have, the Norstone Interlocking Finger Joint Corner is going to deliver a fantastic looking corner that’s super easy to install. This particular area shows two outside corners and how two separate corner units can be used relatively close together and still produce a wonderful looking corner situation without noticeable seams.

Another thing that catches our eye on this last photo is the travertine cap used on the raised beam of the pool. Travertine is a very versatile product and, as you can see here, blends remarkably well with the light cream, yellow and gold tones of the Ivory Rock Panel, making travertine a great product to complement the stone with in all sorts of applications including hearths, sills, treads, and caps!

Stacked Stone Veneer panels used on the curved walls of a raised spa

One of the common misconceptions about stone veneer panel systems is that they can’t be used on curved walls. The truth is that stone panel systems can be used on curved walls, you just have to work within certain limitations on the radius, or “curve” of the wall, or you might need to alter the panel itself to make it more adaptable to a tighter radius application. This beautiful installation on both the convex and concave sides of a spa is so well done it’s even hard for our team to pick out the panel seams in this photo.

Stacked Stone Veneer used on an outdoor kitchen with pizza kitchen and low profile stone backsplash

This beautiful outdoor kitchen is the crowning achievement of this stacked stone backyard oasis, complete with a stacked stone pizza oven and low profile stacked stone backsplash. Upping the “livability” of this outdoor space to include a small refrigerator, prep sink, and multiple cooking apparatuses, this space offers everything you need in an outdoor kitchen and is done in a very stylish way that creates continuity through the stacked stone and other materials used throughout the pool and backyard areas.

Thanks for taking a look at this really cool project with us today – hopefully it brings back great memories of a summer spent with family and friends enjoying each others company in welcoming and inspiring spaces. If you have a pool or outdoor kitchen project and are interested in learning more about the different ways stacked stone can be incorporated in the design call us to learn more about our wide range of natural stone wall veneer products. Until then, say a quick good bye to summer – we’ll be ready for it again next year!

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