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Amazing Interior & Exterior Palm Beach Remodel

When the photos of this recently completed remodel in Palm Beach, FL came across our desk we were excited to share them with our network and talk in a little more detail about some of the subtle things that make this project amazing. This project is particularly compelling because they were able to use the stone in both interior and exterior applications, creating that consistent color pallet and design aesthetic throughout the entire space.

Ochre Stacked Stone on Residential Garage in Palm Beach

Starting on the street facing exterior, the Ochre Rock Panel is cleverly used on the detached garage. The garage is quite large by itself with 3 wide stalls, two of which are covered with the stone, which then extends out towards the street in a smaller but still rectangular overhang, creating the illusion of a larger garage, and also doing a good job of creating depth on a home that is set far back from the street.

Ochre Stacked Stone on breezeway in Palm Beach

The next thing that really catches our eye is the fantastic use of our corner units used on the columns of the breezeway which connects the garage and the house. Norstone’s exclusive finger joint method corners really shine through in a detail like this where a natural looking corner is required. Outside we also love the color match between the stone and the acid stained concrete driveway, as well as the mid century modern looking cut flagstone used on the entryway and steps. A subtle detail on the exterior not to be missed is the stone veneer used as an accent below the upper windows creating that consistent exterior look between the garage, breezeway, and main house.

Ochre Stone Veneer Floor to Ceiling Feature Wall

On the interior, a blade wall bisects the main house in half longways and is covered floor to vaulted ceiling in stacked stone. When the design trend is to often go dark with wood flooring, we love this client’s choice of going light on the floors, post and beam work, as well as the expansive paneled ceiling. Along with the great natural light in this area, the lighter tones of our Ochre Blend really shine through giving the living area a vibrant feel.

Ochre Stacked Stone Feature Wall with built in bookshelves

The liberal use of built in shelving and niches in the blade wall is an artistic detail that should not go unnoticed. The crafty use of various sizes and locations all with very geometric shapes goes along with the windows, doors, and hallways complimenting the linear geometry of the stacked stone panel system. The consistency of a thin veneer panel system really shines through where a more traditional hand stacked loose veneer installation would end up looking less linear against the clean lines of the openings and breaks in the wall.

Ochre Exterior Columns on Patio in Palm Beach

The stone makes a final appearance cladding the exterior columns on the back patio, an essential extension of any home in Florida. We love the way the subtle uplighting is tastefully done on the columns and the continued use of corner units on so many key areas, including the main entrance hallway into the living space, looks the best a corner possibly can using thin veneer.

From start to finish this project’s consistent use of the Ochre Blend Rock Panel veneer does a great job of creating a cohesive look whether you’re out front parking the car, cooking dinner, or enjoying a balmy South Florida summer evening on the patio with a chilled drink in hand. One of the great things about Norstone products is that they can be used both interior and exterior and more importantly, look great in either type of application. Many exterior stone products look a little rough around the edges when used on the confines of an interior application, while some interior products shouldn’t even be used outside. With a product like Norstone you can focus on the overall design and create spaces that are truly interconnected like this amazing project we’ve happily shared with you. See what our customers are saying and don’t hesitate to contact Norstone today to discuss your next project and how our unique and exclusive natural stone veneer products can be a part of it.

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