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An Ivory Comeback for the Summer of 2017

Long a favorite of the Norstone team, our Ivory Blend color, which we have available in both our Standard Series and XL Series Rock Panels, was on the opposite side of the recent “grey” color trend dominating neutral design colors of the past couple years. We’ve always described the Ivory as a “blended” color with ranges from whites / off whites, to creams / ivories, and including some yellows and golds. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear from many clients during the Spring and early Summer months of 2017 on a renewed interest in this color with many projects already installed or in various stages of design and construction.

About two years ago, we got the opportunity to view and photograph a residential project in Southwest Florida that masterfully used our Ivory Standard Series Rock Panel on the exterior facade, both front and rear, on a new construction project.  The homeowner and builder couldn’t stop raving about how the stone came out so we made a special trip to this sunny section of Florida to see for ourselves.  Let’s take a look at how stacked stone was used on this project and what makes it so special.

Ivory Stacked Stone Veneer on Exterior Residential Facade

The front facade of this project features multiple columns where the outside corner unit worked perfectly to wrap the columns in stone. The entry way, which is strategically set further back from the street than the adjoining garage and opposite wing of the home, becomes the focal point of the exterior facade with the 1.5 story columns covered in stone taking center stage. Smaller columns placed around the garage and other exterior parts of the home create a cohesive use of the stone. An overall neutral color palette used on the smooth face stucco, trim, and metal roof complement the light color blend of the Ivory Rock Panel, and also serve as a great base for the window, door, and lighting fixture accents to pop off against.

Ivory Stacked Stone Veneer Pool Waterline Tile

Coming around to the rear of the house, the design team on this project also used the stone on a short accent wall on the pool deck as well as around a planter that dips down into the pool. Since the Ivory color is a quartz based stone it is suitable to be used in wet and submerged environments, like the waterline tile seen here. The light blended color range of Ivory also pairs extremely well with travertine pavers and coping. The short accent wall in the background might be a little hard to notice at first, but is worth taking note of because the space is incredibly well designed. The skinny bamboo plantings do a great job of not blocking the stone at the lower level, and filling out and covering up the boring stucco wall above it. The subtle up lighting makes sure the stacked stone accent wall stays within view even at nighttime.

Ivory Stacked Stone Outdoor Living Space with fireplace and curved walls

The showpiece of this home is most certainly this outdoor living space. We love the subtle curves of the fireplace and bench seating areas as well as the overall color scheme, pairing the Ivory with gold and brown tones and the occasional orange and blue accent. The curved stone work creates a great contrast with the normal flat look of stacked stone and this space embodies what a luxury outdoor living space should be.

If you’ve got a stacked stone project to do this summer and are a little bored with the grey and black color range, our advice is to give Ivory a try. We look forward to seeing what projects our customers complete during the Spring and Summer of 2017 and hope a few of you give Ivory a try!

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