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Banking on the Great Design of Ebony Basalt 3D Panels

Our stacked stone tile products have been used on a lot of banks and other financial institutions across the country. There’s no doubt that a seeing a strong and durable product like stone is an ideal parallel for how banks want to be perceived by the public, especially as it relates to being a safe place to store and save your hard earned money. While a lot of the banks we’ve worked with have opted for the ledge stone look of our Standard Series Rock Panels or XL Series Rock Panels, we really love the cutting edge choices made by the design team of this credit union located in central Washington state. Not only was the selection of our Ebony Basalt Aksent 3D Stone Panel a bold and modern move, the way it was implemented across various features both on the interior and exterior of this project deserves a closer look.

Basalt Ebony Stone Veneer on Exterior of Bank as seen from the road

The building as seen from the street looks unlike a traditional bank, with the design of the building jutting off at various sharp angles and an eclectic mix of neutral colors. Prominent in this elevation is the stone accent wall made of Basalt 3D Panels, which is set slightly in front of the main wall and extends slightly higher than the first floor of the building, creating a nice architectural touch. The dark color of the stone veneer matches up with the metal trim work used on the rest of the building and serves as a focal point and accenting color.

Basalt Ebony Stone Veneer used as the background on a bank's signage

Up close this stone veneer blade wall is even more interesting to look at. The design team chose to install the 3D Stone Panels in a vertical orientation, meaning the long dimension of each unit is set along the vertical axis, or 90 degrees off from the more traditional horizontal orientation. The end result is that vertical orientation accentuates the height of the feature wall. The clean geometry of the product also shines through in this photo, with the stone veneer panels creating loads of texture with a modern, very clean lined look.

Basalt Ebony Stone Veneer used on the exterior of a bank near the entrance

The parking lot approach to the building reveals another distinct stone veneer blade wall, this time juxtaposing a circular entrance way, extending all the way up to become the highest point of the entire building. We love the off angle nature of this whole building and seeing that continue on the rising slope of this feature wall. The cut out in the stone accent wall on the second floor right above the entryway is a subtle feature that adds interest and great visuals to the overall design of this exterior installation.

Basalt Ebony Stone Veneer column bases

A line of architectural pergolas line the paver walkway from the parking lot to the entrance of the bank and the design team thoughtfully chose to clad the bottom of the support columns in the same stone veneer used on the exterior accent walls. The material not only provides a nice tie in between this space and the main building, but also offers a durable building material option for the bases of these stone column supports, without sacrificing anything in the way of look.

Basalt Ebony Stone Veneer Lobby and Reception Desk Accent Walls

If the outside of this bank didn’t convince you to move your money there, the inside continues to impress with a continuation of the exterior ledge stone feature wall into the lobby area, with the stone going vertical from the floor to the vaulted two story ceiling. A super cool design on the wall behind the reception desk has the stone veneer fanning out from the ceiling down to the floor and is a great background for the commercial signage.

Thanks for taking a look at this cool project with us and we hope it inspires your next stone veneer project, big or small. Contact one of our design specialists so we can show you how our varied and unique line of stone veneer products can transform your space today!

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