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Colorado Ski Condo Charcoal Rock Panel Fireplace

One of our clients out in Colorado recently redid their mountain condo’s fireplace with our Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels. We love the work this design professional does every day in her professional career, so we knew we were in for a treat to have a look at what she did with her own space. This tiny but mighty fireplace definitely does not disappoint and makes an over-sized impression in a relatively small space. Let’s have a quick check around this awesome stacked stone fireplace and talk about what really catches our eye.

Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels surrounding fireplace in Colorado mountain ski condo

We’re obviously partial to our Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels in this project, but the rough hewn woodwork definitely steals the show. The author isn’t exactly sure the source or type of the wood, but we really like how it is extensively used to segment out the different areas of the fireplace and media wall. The rough hewn finish of the wood along with the stone outlining the fireplace adds that right amount of “rustic mountain cabin” touch that helps set the feel for a space, even though the rest of the condo is beautifully updated and modern. Having an extensive background and understanding of the reclaimed wood business, we also appreciate how the wood in this installation looks to all be 2” thick lumber, installed as boxed out beams, which is a far more reasonable approach to using reclaimed or rustic wood in this type of installation as compared to sourcing reclaimed beams.

Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels surrounding black metal fireplace insert in Colorado mountain ski condo

The close in photo above shows some great work by the installation team of getting the Charcoal Stacked Stone Panels to butt up nicely against the edge of the fireplace insert. The panels themselves are going to vary in thickness from about .75” to 1.75”, so its important for an installer to factor that in, along with the thickness of substrate and setting bed, when setting (or resetting) the depth of the fireplace insert. A good tile and stone installer, which it looks like was hired for this project, can also take a few extra minutes when selecting the pieces that bump up against the insert to find the right thickness so that it matches up nicely. Finally, clean lines both vertically and horizontally around the fireplace insert give this fireplace a super clean look.

This fireplace also fits the bill for being a highly durable feature in a location where utility of finishes is of great importance. Lots of gears moves in and out of a mountain condo depending on the season, and the stacked stone around the fireplace, the woodwork, and even the tile on the fireplace hearth are all highly durable finishes that aren’t going to show a lot of wear. So if its gloves and scarfs drying on the hearth in the winter or muddy hiking shoes in the summer, this space will take all that most people will throw at it and still look amazing.

Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels surrounding fireplace with rough hewn wooden accents in Colorado mountain ski condo

Lastly, we appreciate how this space sticks to natural products – from the rustic wood framing, to the natural stone of the fireplace, to this beautiful natural stone counter top in the adjoining bar area. Even though we’re visually looking at three very different products, from wood, to stacked stone to a highly polished stone, there’s a subtle balance between the three that allows them all to work together as naturally sourced products and set a warm and welcoming tone for the space.

Thanks for taking a look at this really cool stacked stone mountain condo fireplace with us today. Stone Fireplaces are the most popular application for our natural stone wall panel products, so whether you’re looking for a more traditional look like the stacked stone on this project, or a more modern smooth faced stone look Norstone probably has something for you to consider. Call us or visit our website to learn more!

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