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Charcoal Slimline Multilevel Exterior Stone Veneer Installation

Our new Slimline Series Stone Veneer Panels have been hard to keep in stock ever since we started promoting them last summer. This week, we’ll be profiling a cool multilevel project done in the UK where the Charcoal Slimline is used on exterior wall features on a very approachable residential home recently completed with a hint of modern design style.

Norstone Charcoal Slimline Stone Veneer Panels used on an exterior feature wall on a residential home in the UK

Coming in our two most popular colors of the Standard and XL Series, Ochre Blend and Charcoal, Slimline is designed with a thinner profile, less dimensionality, and a more basic design to keep the product in range of competing stone veneer panel system products. Slimline has a been a huge success, finding customers and projects that our Standard and XL Series pricing was too high for, as well as customers that were seeking a panel with less dimensionality, but find a lot of value in the Slimline being made with the same stone, tools, and staff as all of our other stone veneer products.

On this project, the stone was definitely designed to be the center of attention and stand out among the rest of the exterior of this project. Stretching from the finished grade all the way up to the eaves on this three story residence, the stone is the primary material the residents will interact with in both the entrance way as well as the second and third floor balconies. Even though the Slimline is a relatively light thin stone veneer, weighing around 10 lbs per square foot, we do recommend when installing stone on an installation stretching this far into the air the local codes for adhered stone veneer be consulted as well as the structural engineer on the project, to ensure that the installation is per code and the wall supporting the stone is engineered to support the weight of the stone veneer.

Studio Shot of a Norstone Charcoal Slimline Outside Corner Unit

Besides being very tall, this project also prominently features the outside corner unit of the Slimline Series Stone Veneer Panel. Perhaps not as complex as the finger jointed outside corner unit of our Standard Series Rock Panel line, the Slim Line Series corner unit still produces a beautiful outside corner unit that is far easier to install than miter cutting field units, and most importantly for any corner unit, all exposed edges show the natural cleft of the stone.

Norstone Charcoal Slimline Stone Veneer Panels used on an exterior feature wall on a residential home with grey stucco, siding and dark colored trim and windows

This project also shows that the neutral grey color range is as popular as ever. Dark grey siding on top of light grey stucco, with a grey shingle roof and black trim / window accents all nicely complement the Charcoal Slimline Rock Panel. The predominantly brown tones of the crushed rock do confuse the situation just a little, especially considering there’s no scarcity of grey colored crushed rock in a variety of sizes that could have been used here to stay consistent with the color scheme.

Norstone Charcoal Slimline Stone Veneer Panels used on an exterior feature wall on a residential home in the UK with luxury touches like a clear glass balcony railing

Beyond how the stone was used and the color pallete of this project, the thing we like the most about this house is how it really embraces how the Slimline can give projects that a real refined and luxurious style, but still be within the price range of most average residential projects. This residence is by no means a mansion, and we can tell from the surrounding area its appears to be in a neighborhood of fairly tightly packed homes that are well maintained, but by no means anything more than ordinary. The competitive price point of the Slimline Series makes it possible for a homeowner to stay within budget but really give the home a modern luxurious style. The two real embellishments on this project, the stone walls and the clear glass balcony panels are prominent, eye catching, and relatively inexpensive upgrades that really upgrade the look of this home.

We hope you’ve had a good time checking out this latest project where our budget price Slimline Stone Veneer Panels were used. Reach out to one of our stone experts to learn more about this budget priced product and all of our other Norstone Natural Stone Veneer Wall Panel and tile products.

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