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Charcoal XL Mid Century Modern Home

This cool house in Massachusetts caught our eye today when looking for a project to profile on this week’s blog. Believe it or not, this project was worked on close to a decade ago, well before the current influx of grey and charcoal tones into the “trending” color pallete. But with its on point style and great use of neutral colors, this house is built to weather design trends as they come and go with classic mid century modern touches. Let’s take a look at the stone installation and what makes this home so special.

Stone Veneer on Facade of Mid Century Modern Home with White Brick

The exterior of the home has the most prominent dark and light contrasting color scheme of the entire property. The uniformity of the white painted brick is a terrific contrast to the texture the Charcoal XL stacked stone wall provides as it flanks the front door. Bluestone pavers and stair treads from a nice bridge both color and texture wise between the brick and stone veneer. And not to be lost are the subtle details, like the stainless steel house numbers, door knob, and stair railing which work nicely into the color scheme, or the cool floating wood bench which is a super unique design element to see in an exterior entryway.

Charcoal Colored Stone Accent Wall in entryway of home with floating bench

As we continue on our tour to the inside of the home the first thing you’ll notice is that both the stone and the bench also continue into the foyer / entryway. This design technique of continuing a stone accent wall from the exterior to the interior is something we see often in commercial projects like restaurants and office buildings, and has been expertly completed in this space. What also stands out to me in this view is the larger format of the individual stones in the Charcoal XL Panel. With some of, if not the biggest individual pieces of stone in a panel system product, our XL series panels make a big, chunky look like you see here possible. Finally, the light streaming through the sidelight panel next to the door gives the wall some subtle color movement and accentuates the texture and clean line geometry of the wall.

Stone Veneer used in Stairwell of Home

Our finger jointed outside corner units allow the stone to deftly turn two outside corners as it works it way around the foyer wall and into a cool stairwell leading to the lower level. The continuity of this project as it works it way from the outside to the inside and then down to the lower level is a really cool design element, and is one of the reasons why accessory products like our natural ends and outside corner units are such an important part of our product offering. Mid Century Modern touches abound here with a cool wood and glass plan stair railing and large dome shaped speckled glass pendant fixtures. These modern touches feed into the clean lines and blocky texture of the stone.

Charcoal Stacked Stone Garden Wall

A cool garden wall which separates a hardscaped patio and grilling area from the yard is the final stone feature to admire on this project. The dark grey color of the Charcoal XL panels pairs well with the bluestone caps, stair treads, and pavers of the space, and the overall grey / charcoal color pallete works nicely against the green landscaping. We also love this picture as it shows the stone drying out after a rain, when an exterior stacked stone wall seems like it comes alive as it continually changes how it looks during the drying process.

We hope you enjoyed revisiting this cool project in Massachusetts and it inspired you for your next stone job. Whether its things like the floating bench or the outside corners used to create continuity between the foyer and stairwell, this project reminds us that while the big picture is what you’ll see first, the details are what makes something unique and memorable. Let us show you how Norstone tile and stone veneer products can make your next project both!

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