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What A Rising Remodel and New Construction Market Means for Design

Indoor Outdoor Patio The authenticity of the materials we use in our environments is a reflection of our ideas and who we are. Perhaps one of the most interesting trends we’re seeing in today’s ever changing marketplace is that personalized design and unique habitats matter more to our customers than ever before. Not more than 10 to 15 years ago, interior design and remodeling was considerably less complicated – not because building was any less complex, but simply because most home buyers were trying to create a similar look. Unique materials like natural stone were far too expensive for general use and materials such as marble countertops for example were only seen in high-end projects. This is perhaps one of the great feats that Norstone has brought to bare – Because our product simplifies the installation side of a project, we are able to make design ideas such as a natural stone feature wall or personal water feature far more accessible to the everyday project than ever before. This is just one of the many great natural stone materials on the market today that can allow you to flex your design muscle and give your project that strong personal signature you’re looking for to set it apart.

On your way to design excellence, what should you expect from your supplier?

As our design ideas become increasingly complex, so do our projects. Depending on the size and scope of your project, you could be faced with hundreds of aesthetic decisions, if not thousands, all of which are influenced by budget. It’s a balancing act. With thousands of natural stone varieties, colors, patterns, finishes, and edges—and each detail with its own set of pros and cons—choosing a material becomes a formidable task. Finding a quality supplier to do business with however can take the headache and risks out of the process. Here are four important points that should bring you right to the finish line of a project you can be proud of:

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1. Numerous quality resources such as samples and hi-resolution imagery is a must. People who are making thousands of dollars worth of decisions need a vendor with the support system in place to support that process. Material suppliers who go the extra mile with curated, informative image galleries and relevant technical specs to backup their products can steer you away from common design pitfalls and closer toward a successful project. Those suppliers who give their clients options, understand their budget, and help them better understand their choices are considered the market leaders.

2. A Design Consultant that narrows in on the actual cost of a material is what helps you make your design intent a reality. Labor markets can vary widely across the US, which means it can be difficult for some suppliers to target the exact cost of a finished application. Having a design consultant with your supplier work directly with your contractor or project designer can help you move forward quickly and effectively with your design decisions.

Charcoal Natural Stone Foyer 3. Do not compromise on reliability and trust. It takes years of reliable service for a supplier to build a reputation of trust in the industry. Look for those brands that have a long history of quality and a well-known customer list. Norstone consistently works with top national brands like Hilton Hotels, Darden Restaurants, Starbucks, Bank of America, even the US Government. These kinds of national customers only return to the suppliers they can trust.

4. Maintenance tips for the short and the long term. As many new suppliers for finish materials enter the design and architecture markets, make careful note of those who are more concerned with selling their product than how that product will be maintained once it’s in the home. Because natural stone tends to be a higher-maintenance material, a user-friendly guide that outlines cleaning, care, and maintenance tips is essential for clients, showing them exactly what to expect.

Whether your research journey for new products is just beginning or you’ve already selected a handful of great products for your project, we hope the above set of guidelines will be useful to you as you endeavor to make your personal design vision a reality.

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