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Ebony Lynia Interlocking Tile Backsplash Project

Black, and darker colors in general, can be a challenge to design a space around. They are easy to use as accents and especially to create contrast, but making a cohesive space using the dark color pallete without it seeming dark and closed in can be a challenge. This week’s project profile meets that challenge and hits a home run in terms of great use of color. Featuring our Lynia Interlocking Natural Stone tiles on the backsplash, this space combines really unique cabinetry and great use of color and space to create a modern updated kitchen area with a distinctly rustic vibe.

Norstone Ebony Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tile on a Modern Kitchen Backsplash with Black Solid Surface Counter Tops and rustic cabinets

The Lynia Interlocking Natural Stone tiles used on this stone tile backsplash are the Ebony Basalt Color. Ebony Basalt is the darkest stone in our line up and we also fabricate it for use in our Aksent 3D modern stone veneer panels as well as our Planc Large Format Wall Tiles as well. The Lynia Interlocking Tiles used in this application are perfectly scaled for a backsplash application. Each Lynia unit consists of 9 strips of tile, each 12” in length with three different height. The strips are offset and come mounted on a two piece backer to create an interlocking pattern with the units surrounding it. The dark color pallete of the Ebony matches up nicely with the dark solid surface counter top as well as the grey color scheme of the walls. The stainless steel of the appliances are a nice contrast against dark color pallete and the cabinet color is a really nice mix of lighter colors that also bring in the darker colors as part of their color range.

And speaking of the cabinets, while we love the way our stone looks on the backsplash of this kitchen, the cabinetry in this space is really the star of the show. Cabinetry is normally not something that you expect to see color movement in, but it really works out amazingly in this project. The rough hewn appearance with the vertical strip patterns give a rustic vibe to this kitchen which also works well with the flooring. Details make all the difference with a product like this and we love how the vertical strips and even the coloration of each strip line up vertically between the tall lower cabinet next to the refrigerator and the upper cabinet above. The dark undertones of the wood color range make a dark backsplash option like the Ebony Lynia Interlocking tile a perfect fit.

Norstone Ebony Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tile on a Modern Kitchen Backsplash in Spokane, WA

A key part of what this makes space able to handle the dark colors of the counter tops and backsplash can be seen in the reflection of the refrigerator and the sheen against the stone backsplash – you guessed it, great natural light. Great natural light paired with the low but ultra bright white ceiling are a perfect combination for a project like this one that is looking to go bold with their colors and materials. Reflective finishes like the the stainless steel and to a lesser extent the flat smooth surface of the stone backsplash and the natural sheen of the cabinetry help keep things bright during the daylight hours. We didn’t get a photo of this space during nighttime hours, but with the right lighting, especially some under cabinet lighting for the backsplash and counter top, this kitchen would look equally amazing both day and night.

We hope you enjoyed our take on this very different but very cool Lynia Interlocking tile backsplash project. All of our natural stone products, ranging from our traditional ledgestone panels to our new Planc Large Format Wall tile, have been used for backsplash applications. The Lynia Interlocking tile,with its great patterning and color selection is one our favorites. Contact us today to learn more about Norstone natural stone products and how they can be used for you next backsplash project.

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