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Under Construction Ebony Planc Home in the Hamptons

We’re excited to share with you today some photos of a project we started working on in mid 2018 with a design build firm in New York City. They were looking for a unique stone product to clad large sections of the lower level of a home they were building in the Hamptons. After an in person meeting our recently released PLANC large format wall tile product in the Ebony basalt color was a serious contended and ended up being ordered and delivered to the job site in early 2019. Even though this project is still under construction, we couldn’t wait to share these photos on our blog and show off how amazing this project will be once finished.

Norstone Ebony Planc on the lower level exterior facade of a residential project in the Hamptons

This first photo puts the project in perspective and speaks to the overall design scheme of the house. The stone is only used on the lower level, ceding to beautiful vertically laid wood siding on most of the top two layers. The boxy look, right angles, flat roof, and a lot of glass windows and doors really embraces the modern design scheme of the home. We’re anxiously waiting to see what material gets installed on the lattice work, but know whatever it is will probably be smooth and beautiful. Bold design elements abound, but what really catches our eye is the cantilevered porch on the top level, which will probably be an amazing place to enjoy a sunrise or sunset and the clean ocean breezes.

Norstone Ebony Planc set in a running bond pattern and dimensionalized using spacers

Getting down to the stone itself, the Ebony Planc large format wall tile is being installed in a running bond pattern around almost the entire lower level of the home. The stone in this photo was just installed and still needs cleaned up, but we like how the installation team chose to install it in a dimensionalized pattern. Planc large format wall tiles are a consistent .8” thick, but can be dimensionalized to create a textured look by adding spacers into the setting bed for the individual tiles that should stick out. Individual tiles can be dimensionalized in either a random or specific pattern, depending on the look being achieved and the skill of the installation crew.

Norstone Ebony Planc on the exterior facade of a modern home in the hamptons showing outside corners

Our eyes keep getting drawn up the house at the cantilever spaces in this photo, but from a stone standpoint, there’s a lot going on as well here too. One thing we see in this photo is two outside corners, which are being handled on site using an alternate over-lapping edge technique and then polishing the cut edges to match the face. In this technique, the cut edge of each tile at the corner faces in one direction on the first course, and then faces the opposite direction on the second course, and then “alternates” each course up the wall. On a product like our Ebony Basalt Planc the tile itself has a polished finish, but when it gets cut the cut edge appears lighter since its not polished. The installation team looks like they are going back and polishing those cut ends to make the corner look uniform from a color and finish standpoint. Outside corners can also be handled using a standard miter cut technique which eliminates any outward facing cut edges and the need to polish anything as well.

One of the things we love most about the Ebony Planc product is that the stone is a consistent beautiful deep and dark black color. That dark color scheme works really well on this project as it contrasts with that beautiful wood siding. We make both our Lynia Interlocking Tile and Aksent 3D Panels with this same stone, and while all of those products are beautiful, the combination of the dark color and big bold sizing and scale of the Planc tiles is quickly becoming our favorite.

Thanks for putting on your hard hat and taking a quick look around this really special project with us today. We’re anxiously awaiting finished photos of this project and will share them with you hopefully next year. Learn more about our Planc Large Format Wall Tile products or any of our unique natural stone wall covering products by filling out the contact form on our website to learn more.

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