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Floor to Ceiling Sierra XLX Stacked Stone Fireplace

For several years now, Grey has been a very trendy color in design for both residential and commercial projects. It’s proven to be an attractive and easy to work with neutral color as tastes moved on from the beige and taupe colors of the mid to late 2000s. At Norstone we searched far and wide to find a stone capable of adding to our stacked stone series that fit the color mark of a neutral grey. Our Charcoal color, while beautiful in its own right, is too dark to be considered neutral and is more of an accent color in most spaces. We first came across the stone that we make our Sierra XLX panels with back in mid 2017, but it wasn’t until mid 2018 that we were really able to vet the supply chain and feel confident in bringing a new color to market. Sierra XLX officially launched in the summer of 2018 and is a beautiful blend of light silver grey with brownish, almost rust color accents.

The fireplace we’re featuring in this article is one of the first set of photos we got back from our clients that have used the product. The client was really happy with how everything turned out, and so are we after seeing the photos. Let’s take a peek around this project and see what’s so exciting about Sierra.

Front on View of a fireplace clad in Norstone Sierra XLX Silver Grey Stacked Stone

The first thing we always look at when we’re rolling out a new color is how it actually looks when installed on our customer’s wall. We see the product all the time in sample format, and mock walls up in our factory to photograph for marketing purposes, but seeing real product go up on real walls always helps us understand more about what the color really truly looks like. We really like what we see on this fireplace project, with the majority of the color range falling in that very light grey / silver range with very occasional brownish / rust color accenting that really helps drive home the fact that this product is natural stone and a synthetic faux stone. The silvery grey color range also contrasts nicely with the sharp edges and clean look of the black fireplace insert helping draw attention to the beautiful gas flames inside the box.

Side View of a fireplace clad in Norstone Sierra XLX Silver Grey Stacked Stone that goes floor to ceiling and uses Norstone's outside corner units

This photo taken from the side of the fireplace really shows off our outside finger jointed corner units. We don’t have a “before” photo of this fireplace from the client, but if we had to guess it was probably a standard brick face that was sticking out about 3.5”, or the width of one brick, from the wall. The corner units really help take an existing installation and simply cover it up quickly and easily which is why a fireplace renovation project provides a good return on investment.

Norstone Sierra XLX Silver Grey Stacked Stone Panels cladding a floor to ceiling fireplace in a modern designed living room

The modern stacked stone look of our XLX Series Rock Panels also lends itself towards a more modern looking fireplace setting, which is definitely achieved with this project. We really like how the gas insert is positioned at about eye level (when sitting down) as opposed to more traditional placement on the floor or at a hearth step. The decision to go without both a fireplace hearth step and a mantle also really projects a modern vibe with this fireplace set. The stone going from floor to ceiling makes a nice big impact on the space without cluttering it up with extra ledges and vertical surfaces.

Thanks for taking a look at this project with us today and let us know via our social channels what you think of the new Sierra color in XLX. We’re excited to see it in lots of client’s projects in the months to come. If you’re interested in stacked stone for your fireplace or any other vertical wall project, check out natural stone products online and contact us to learn more about our easy to install panel systems for stacked stone walls.

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