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In Process Residential Graphite Planc Large Format Tile Installation

Modern architecture and design has always been a style that all of our products have worked well with. A decade plus ago when we were only making stacked stone cladding, the design of the products with careful attention paid to a clean lined geometric style, always lent itself to a cross over appeal of a “rustic” texture but in a modern format. Many of the products that we have introduced since then, including our honed faced Lynia Interlocking Tiles and Aksent 3D Stone Panels are decidedly more modern in style, but none have quite captured the modern design aesthetic like the Planc large format tile. The grey, black, and silver color palette, the smooth finishes, and large scale dimension of this product all make it perfect for capturing the purest elements of modern design.

This week’s featured project is a stunning modern styled home in the suburbs of Houston, TX. Even though it’s still under construction, when we got these photos back from our client we really were excited to share them with our readers. Let’s have a look at what makes this project amazing!

Norstone Graphite Planc Large Format Tile on the facade of a modern home under construction

The pulled back view of the front facade of this home gives us an understanding of both the style and scale of this project. Even without all of the finishes in place, we get a great feel for the modern vibe of this design, with its flat roof, large trim lines, and extensive use of both smooth and natural products on the exterior. There is about 1500 sq ft of the Graphite Planc Large Format Tile on the front facade of this home, most of which is around the garage, main entryway, and bump out to the right of the front door. The height of the individual sections of the home is a little hard to grasp, but if you use the garage door as a reference point of 8’, the stone on the garage probably extends up about 15’ and then easily 25’ by the door and rest of the house. The clean lines of modern design really help mask how large a home is.

Norstone Graphite Planc Large Format Tile on a residential wall under construction set in a running bond pattern

This up close view of the wall between the garage and the front door shows the Graphite Planc and everything that is great about it. From a scale standpoint, the large format nature of this tile is well suited for this deceptively large wall, which is probably about 15’x15. Graphite is one of our Planc products that is made from lavastone, which as you can see here has absolutely beautiful veining and natural stone variation that is as luxurious as it is exquisite. The pattern also jumps out to us on this wall - the installer chose a running bond pattern which repeats itself every third row.

Norstone Graphite Planc Large Format Tile on a residential wall under construction showing an outside corner created with miter cuts

Taking a few steps towards the garage, this next photo shows a prominent outside corner, which the installers have chosen to tackle using a simple miter cut technique. For Planc, this is our preferred method for creating an outside corner. Other options include using an alternating overlap technique, where the cut edge of the tile faces out and the corresponding tile on the other side of the corner terminates into it. That cut edge is then alternate from one side of the corner to the other row by row. A third option is to use a pre-fabricated corner piece, most of the time made of metal, that gets installed at the corner and the tiles are cut straight and terminate into it to for an outside corner.

Thanks for having a look at this Graphite Planc Large Format Tile Installation with us and look for finished photos of this project in a few months. If you are interested in learning more about our large format Planc tile or any of our other natural stone wall panel products please contact us to order samples and discuss how Norstone natural stone products might be a good fit for your next stone project.

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