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Grey Aksent 3D Stone Veneer on a Mixed Use Project in Portland

Mixed use projects are all the rage in development right now, attracting buyers and tenants from all demographics to live in condos and apartments that are typically above commercial space on the first floor of new construction buildings. When we first started working with the architect and design team on this project in Portland, Oregon, we were excited to introduce them to our Aksent Series 3D Stone Panels, which are a smooth faced stone veneer panel product. The color, finish and style were perfect for the new age commercial look they were going for, complete with lots of stainless steel accents and big glass windows. Let’s take a quick look at some of the details and see what makes this smooth faced modern stone panel a perfect fit for the project.

Norstone Grey Aksent 3D Stone Veneer used on a commercial facade

One of the hallmarks of mixed use development is the height of the first floor as compared to the floors above it, similar to the look of most hotels. The extended height of the first floor allows for some great looking and functional interior commercial spaces, but can also pose a design challenge. The design team here used height as a variable in the design, covering a majority of the major facade with the 3D stone panels from floor to ceiling and then used the columns spaced along the perimeter as an opportunity to introduce a wainscoat height to the stone application. While subtle, this unique use of varying heights to the stone installation adds a nice accent to the columns on the facade of the building that would otherwise be absorbed color wise into the walls behind them.

Norstone Grey Aksent 3D Stone Veneer with metal mailbox, downspout and corner accents

Something else we really love about any of our products that use our Grey Basalt Stone is how well this color pairs with stainless and brushed steel. This project is ripe with metal features from mailboxes, emergency water supplies and down spouts that are expertly set into the tile installation melding the cool grey tones of the stone with the metal accents. One interesting thing about this project is the use of a metal corner treatment on the outside corners. We do make some amazing looking finger jointed outside corner units for the Aksent series, and while we’re not sure if the corners were done this way for ease of installation, or to coalesce with the other modern metal design elements of this facade installation, but we really like the way it looks!

Norstone Grey Aksent 3D Stone Veneer used on a commercial facade with glass door entryway

Another great reason to use natural stone in a mixed use space is the durability of the product, particularly in a commercial setting. Whether its shoppers or residents going in and out, or just general foot traffic along the sidewalk, natural stone is a great option for commercial projects that want a durable surface that is going to be super easy to maintain. Something can also be said for the grey color of this Basalt 3D stone panel, which does an excellent job hiding the everyday dirt and debris that comes with any outdoor urban installation. The honed surface texture of this panel also lends itself to easy cleaning when necessary.

Wide Angle of Mixed Use Development Building featuring Norstone Grey Aksent 3D Stone Veneer on the ground floor

There’s no doubt this is a nice looking building where the developer went the extra mile to have a clean modern design and use high end finishes to attract top dollar leases both in the commercial and residential spaces of this building. The Grey Akent 3D Panel proves itself to be a versatile product that can enhance projects both big and small. To learn more about this product, and our other Lynia Interlocking Tiles and Planc Large Format Veneers that use this same stone, contact us today!

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