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Grey Lynia Tiles Make this Pool Cool!

One of the things we really like about our natural stone tile products is that you can use almost all of them in pool environments. Pools are typically a really harsh environment for any type of material. Having to deal with moisture, lots of sunlight, and chemicals really narrows down the type of materials you can use and especially so in the natural stone world. A lot of Norstone products are perfect for pools because we make them from quartz or quartz based stones, or in the case of this project, Basalt, which are much more durable stones than cheaper slates and sandstones which won’t stand up to the rigors of a pool environment.

We really like the look of this pool project in Texas that one of our customers finished last year. Our Lynia IL Tile in Ash Grey was used as part of a raised beam feature flanking the entire back side of the pool. There’s some great design hidden in plain sight with this project, so let’s take a closer look at what stands out to us.

Norstone Lynia Interlocking Natural Stone Tile Ash Grey Basalt color used in pool raised beam feature wall in Texas

One of the first things we notice about this pool is the modern angular layout. While curves are still popular in pool design, clean line pools like this one are increasingly popular as well. From a product pairing standpoint, the clean lined staggered format of the Lynia natural stone tiles is a complimentary to this design scheme and definitely adds to the modern vibe this pool exudes through the smooth finishes and sheer descent waterfalls.

Another really unique thing about the Lynia Interlocking is that it is relatively large for a mesh mounted tile product. Each strip in the Lynia Tiles is 12” long and is going to range between about 1” to 2.4” tall. The medium format nature of this product is a nice compliment to the much smaller format of the square glass tile used on the waterline, spa spillover and large water feature. If too small a tile was used in place of the Lynia, the overall look would start to get really busy, but as it stands the two prominent tile finishes of the pool work quite nicely with each other.

Norstone Lynia Interlocking Natural Stone Mesh Mounted Tile used in swimming pool raised beam feature wall in Texas

There’s no doubt that grey is a currently a very popular color in the design world right now, and this pool and patio area is no exception. The darker tones of the Ash Grey Lynia Tile used here match up nicely with the furniture and trim color of the patio, while also serving as a nice contrast against the lighter grey of the smooth faced stucco retention wall that is the primary backdrop of this backyard. The movement of color within the Lynia tile, which is pronounced in these photos as they show some of the tile being wet and other parts being dry, is another nice contrast against the uniformity of the stucco wall behind it.

We also have always been big fans of combining grey and blue tones in design, which has been done here with the stone tiles, the glass tile and the color of the pool surface itself. Most grey tones have a lot of blue undertone, so when paired together the two colors tend to look great!

With summer right around the corner we hope this article inspires some great design ideas for upcoming pool projects using natural stone. Using the right types of natural stone tiles and veneers in the right applications is the key for a great pool project. Call one of our knowledgeable design reps for a free consult on using Norstone Natural Stone Veneers and Tiles on your next pool project today!

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