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FAQ: Purchasing Norstone Natural Stone Products

Thank you for your interest in our products!  Below you will find important details on each collection including installation, where to purchase, and pricing.  We’ve also included some guided links to important areas on our website that should be very helpful in completing your project. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your personal consultant, or call 866-717-4548.

Norstone Stacked Stone submerged in a pool application

Q: What products do you offer, and Why Norstone?

  1. The Slim Line Rock Panel, Standard Series Rock Panel, XL Series Rock Panel, as well as the AKSENT™ 3D Panels, stand exactly 6” tall and spans 24” in width.  These panels allow you to side-step the painstaking labor of installing stones or tiles 1 piece at a time.
  2. The LYNIA™ IL Tiles are on a mesh backing, and each mat measures 15” tall and spans 17” at it widest point.  These are more like typical tile in that grout is needed.
  3. The PLANC™, our newest addition, is our largest offering.  They are large, individual planks that range from 2.4” - 5.5” tall and are 31.5” long.
  4. All of our collections are 100% natural stone and are designed to provide you with a seamless, rich and eye catching result.
  5. Natural quarried stone eliminates any worries about problems inherent to manufactured (faux or fake) stone, which is molded concrete or plastic.  No concerns about fading or cracking with age with Norstone!
  6. All of our collections are considered a lightweight, thin stone veneer which lessens support requirements.  This allows the products to be installed on existing structures without weight issues.
  7. Versatile, easy to use - a DIY delight.  Or, if you’d rather have a professional, any general contractor or tile setter can get the job done.  No mason needed!

Norstone Ivory Quartz Stacked Stone Panel used on a fireplace

Q: Do you have photos of your products installed to get a better idea of the final look?

  1. We have a ton of finished project photos that should be very helpful!  Please visit our Products Gallery where we are sure to have pictures that emulate, or have similar qualities, to the project you’re working on.

Norstone Ochre Blend Panel on DIY ShowQ: How are your products installed?

  1. For the most thorough information, I recommend taking look at our installation guide page.  There are a number of detailed downloads there that are very helpful.  In short, our products go up just like tile, if not easier.  Dry-stack and stagger your panels as you lay them, and that’s it.  All of our products cut easily with a wet saw, and adhere using a polymer modified thinset.  No grouting required; once they’re on the wall, you’re done.

Q: Where do I purchase Norstone?

  1. You’re exactly where you need to be.  We cater to residential and commercial projects of any size manufacturer direct in your area.  What this means, is that we do not have stores near you that carry our products.  However, this works to your advantage!  By not utilizing a dealer network, this eliminates middle man markup.  That leads to greater savings for you, and more money left in your pocket!
  2. After placing an order, we have the material delivered right to your doorstep in approximately a week or less.

Q: How much do Norstone products cost?

  1. Pricing is based on the product, color and square footage required.  In general, cost is typically between $7 - $17 per square foot.
  2. Freight is calculated on an order by order basis, and is dependent on square footage, delivery zip code, and delivery requirements.
  3. Contact your personal consultant with the dimensions of your project for a formal quote!  We will do the calculations for you to figure out exactly how much material is required.

Norstone Sample Photo

Q: Can I order samples to see the material in person?

  1. Of course!  Sample kits are available for $13.95 or $16.95. The 6”x6” samples are actually fee, but this cost covers the shipping.  Included in the $13.95 kit will be 2 samples (mix and match any colors you’d like).  Included in the $16.95 kit will be 4 samples. Shipping time is 2-3 days.
  2. The cost of shipping the sample kit will be credited to your final order if you choose to go with Norstone.
  3. A kit can be ordered by calling your personal consultant, or our main line.  If the phone isn’t your thing, you can also send an email to and request a payment link.

Thank You!

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call or email your personal consultant.  We offer consultations to anyone who would like to discuss their project more in depth before committing to purchase.  Think of us as your stone experts who will make your project easier than you ever imagined.

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