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Crossing the Threshold - Bringing the Outside In with Natural Stone Veneer Installations

Natural Stone Veneer products are associated with both interior and exterior installations. Exterior wise natural stone veneer has a long relationship as a building cladding and interior wise projects like fireplaces have had natural stone veneer as a “go to”. We love it when a designer takes it next level and creates a visual where the stone crosses the threshold and continues a natural stone veneer installation on both the interior and exterior. Let’s take a look today at a couple examples of “crossing the threshold” and see what makes each one so special.

Norstone Ochre Slimline Rock Panels used on both the interior and exterior of a residential entryway

This first project features our Ochre Slimline Natural Stone Veneer Panels as part of a residential entryway. What’s cool about this project is that not only does the stone start outside as an exterior veneer, it continues on through both a large exterior door and glass entryway, and then again through a more delicate frame-less glass secondary door separating the vestibule from the foyer. The stone then continues on through the foyer using outside corner units to wrap around into the living area. We love the use of glass as part of both partitions to really help create that open feel that ties the outside to the inside in this project.

Norstone Charcoal XLX Series Rock Panels used on both the interior and exterior of a residential living room and back patio

The back of a home is ideally suite or an interior / exterior bridge of natural stone veneer as we see here in this beautifully modern home in the North Carolina mountains. Norstone Charcoal XLX Series Rock Panels are clad the main feature wall of the living space and then extend directly outside as part of an architectural detailed open archway. Collapsing glass sliding doors create a true “openness” to the space and allows for clean line of sight between the interior and exterior on this project.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Tiles used on both the interior and exterior of a residential living room and pool area

This next project is featuring our modern styled Planc large format tiles in the Platinum color, which is a beautiful natural stone veneer product made from saw cut lavastone. The exterior of a home is again featured here with the stone going from an interior feature wall outside to a patio and pool area. What’s most impressive tome about this stone veneer installation is the installer’s attention to detail on the patterning of the tile installation. The installation is done in a straight stacked pattern where the tiles are given a grout joint both horizontally against the next row of tiles and vertically between the straight stacks. Not only does the pattern continue outside, the sizing doesn’t even skip a beat as it transitions over the door thresholds which is the sort of small attention to the detail that make a project like this extra special.

Norstone Ochre Slimline Rock Panels used on both the interior and exterior of a residential master bathroom

We’ve seen front entryways and back patios, so apart from looking awesome, what makes this next project super special is that it’s a bathroom! This super modern stone bathroom in Dallas, TX has Norstone Grey Basalt Aksent 3D stone veneer installed as part of a feature wall which extends from the mater math outside into a private courtyard. Glass again is the common element with this installation, serving really only to keep the weather out, and minimizing the break point between the interior and exterior stone veneer installations. An open and airy bathroom like this might not be for someone who is looking for a lot of privacy, but sure is a unique look for a space that often overlooks trying to incorporate exterior elements into the design.

We hope you enjoyed this quick tour of some awesome natural stone veneer projects that “cross the threshold” and bring the outside in, or sometimes bring the inside out, in an effort to create innovative and great looking design. If you’re an architect, designer, or just a homeowner looking to create something special with a natural stone veneer installation contact us today to learn more about our award winning natural stone products.

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