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Ivory Stacked Stone Fireplace Enhances a Denver area Coffee Shop

Denver’s an amazing city with a real strong connection to stone in its architecture and design. What’s really cool about Denver is that since its such a progressive and fast growing city you not only see the traditional large format and hand stacked stone look but you also see more contemporary and modern inspired natural stone all over the place. The coffee shop we are featuring as this week’s project profile is a nice mix of that old and new style – the stacked stone / ledge stone style texture of our Ivory Standard Series Rock Panel is packaged in a sleek, geometric pattern that gives this fireplace a traditional texture in a modern design.

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels on a fireplace installation in a coffee shop in Denver, CO

Our Ivory stone is one of our most favorite colors – the creamy undertones give it much more warmth than our White Quartz color and the color movement down into the deep yellow and gold tones really gives the product a lot of character. We love the light and open color pallete and feel of the Coffee Shop with large windows letting in lots of natural light, high loft style ceilings and the light pear colored base wall colors. Retail tends to shy away from color palletes like this one but when someone is bold enough to take the risk it really creates something unique and special. Pale burnt orange casual lounge furniture serves as a nice accent color in the overall scheme.

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels installed on a fireplace as part of a retail space build out

The stone installation itself on this project is something many of our customers work with quite often – where the fireplace itself is flush against the wall, so when the stacked stone panels get applied they need to figure out what to do with the exposed edges. Many fireplaces stand out from the wall, anywhere from the width of a brick to much larger, creating a return from the face of the fireplace back to the main wall that can easily be handled using one of our stacked stone finger jointed outside corner units. In applications like this one where the fireplace is already flush with the main wall, a great technique to cover the exposed edge of the stacked stone panel is to trim out the edges as has been done on this installation with a stainless steel trim piece. Stainless steel trim is a great option, especially if it matches the finish of the fireplace insert or fits in well with a modern inspired décor scheme, but more simple wooden trim, particularly if painted to match either the base boards or crown molding can look just as great and serve the purpose of covering the exposed edge of the stacked stone panel.

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels on a fireplace installation with metal trim pieces to cover the exposed edge of the panel

Retail build outs are a special type of project as most retail relies on heavy traffic in and out of the space. That heavy traffic,which is critical to the success of the retail establishment, also exacts a toll on the finishes in the space. Natural stone and especially stacked stone is a great finish option for a retail build out due to its durability. The fireplace in this coffee shop will no doubt see plenty of use and abuse, whether that’s people bumping furniture, bags, shoes and boots, and sometimes even themselves into the stone, the finish here will absorb the blows and outlast most of the other finishes in the space. For a wall covering option with long term durability, a natural stone wall veneer option is an excellent choice.

We hope this quick look around the fireplace out there at our favorite coffee shop in Denver was useful and informative. Some of the installation details of this job, particularly the stainless steel trim piece used to hide the cut edge of the panels is really well done and is a great solution for any project, residential or commercial. Whether you’re working on a fireplace, a retail build out or any other project where stacked stone is being considered give our design experts a call to learn more about our line up of amazing natural stacked stone veneers.

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