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Amazing Stone for an Amazing View in Cyprus

Our Ivory Rock Panels can sometimes get lost when compared to the other colors in our Standard Rock Panel and XL Rock Panel Series. The monochromatic tones of the Charcoal and White are ideal for modern inspired design, and the color friendly Ochre is a best seller for its versatility. However those of us that have spent a long time with our products tend to agree that the Ivory ends up being most people’s favorite color. The smooth blending of the light color tones gives this product an understated elegance that is hard to beat.

So it was no surprise when our distributor in the UK wanted to use the Ivory Rock Panels on a vacation home in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. With the product installed in two main areas, let’s take a look at this project and the amazing use of the Ivory stone.

Norstone Ivory Rock Panels used in an outdoor courtyard of a vacation home in Cyprus

Set on a rocky hillside, this home had to be somewhat built into the side of the hill, creating the need for outdoor retaining wall like structures on the high side of the lot. This first wall forms a side courtyard like space off the main living area. The stone is set at waist height and above to maximize effect when viewed from the inside and have a nice contrasting feel with the smooth white stucco so popular in this region of the world. Locally sourced polished limestone outdoor pavers, set together tightly like tile, are a nice complement color wise to the gold and yellow tones in the Ivory, and their honed finish is perfect for the modern aesthetic of this space. Both up and down lighting add to the ambiance of this stone centered outdoor space when the sun goes down.

Kitchen backsplash with large windows instead of a backsplash looking out onto the courtyard's stone feature wall

The same outdoor courtyard wall also becomes the focal point of the large eat in kitchen. The unique design of the kitchen utilizes large glass windows that serve as a defacto backsplash. We love this look and are surprised we don’t see it more often. Glass is just as easy to clean as tile from a practical purpose, and this backsplash allows for great natural light in the space and a dual use of the outdoor stone wall, which can now also be enjoyed from the interior. The mellow tones of the Ivory work perfectly here, not dominating the space and creating an open and inviting feel in the space, ideal for a vacation home.

Norstone Ivory Stacked stone with a view of the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus

The second space the Ivory Rock Panels were used was in a super unique patio privacy wall at the rear of the property. The view of this space is the sort of thing office dwellers dream about from their cubicles, but for practical purposes, there was a lot of utility equipment that needed placed in this area. To not sully the view, this unique privacy wall was designed to hide the utility equipment, match and contribute to the modern architecture of the home, and still look great. We especially like how the ivory and cream tones of the rock panels blend into the natural color range of the surrounding landscape. With the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the distance, we can’t think of a better color stone for this installation.

Thanks for taking this quick tour around this magnificent home in Cyprus with us. We hope it gives you a better appreciation for our Ivory Rock Panels which are an awesome product and color scheme to design with or around. Reach out to one of our customer service reps for samples of our Ivory stone, which is currently available in both the Standard and XL Series Rock Panels, and see how beautiful this product is in person.

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