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South Florida Kitchen Remodel with Grey Lynia Interlocking Tile

One of the great things about going out on the road and visiting clients is hearing and seeing about the projects that are being done with our products. I was down in South Florida last week and one of our awesome sales reps showed me this set of photos of her customer’s kitchen remodel project that is almost completed and which used our Lynia Interlocking Tiles in the Ash Grey color as the back splash tile. This isn’t the biggest kitchen, but they pack a lot of great design and features in the space they have. Let’s take a closer look at some of these details that makes this space really special.

Norstone Ash Grey Lynia Interlocking Tile used on a backsplash application with a prominent stainless steel vent hood

Color is the first thing you’ll notice about this project. The homeowner has really committed to a white and grey color pallet with stainless steel accent pieces throughout. In particular the white cabinets and flooring really open the space up and allow for a nice open and airy feeling within the relatively small space they had to work with. Going with the white colored grout on the installation of the medium format mosaic back splash is a bold move and really tests the installers accuracy and precision in maintaining straight lines and even courses – the end result though is beautiful.

Norstone Ash Grey Lynia Interlocking Tile used as a backsplash tile for a modern white and grey themed kitchen in Miami

Another thing the contrasting grout color does is it sets off the design of the interlocking tile which adds to the modern feel of the space. Our Lynia Interlocking Tiles consists of 9 strips of our basalt or marble stone that is cut to size and mounted on a two part backer system for ease of installation. The design of this product is very modern leaning, with its symmetrical patterning, and use of both sharp horizontal and vertical lines in the layout. The unspoiled white pallet of the cabinets and counter top come together nicely with the dark grey and geometric patterning of the Lynia Interlocking Tile to create a clean modern vibe.

Norstone Ash Grey Lynia Interlocking Tile used as a backsplash tile going from counter top to ceiling in a project in South Florida.

Another often overlooked but very important part of a tile back splash project is where to end the back splash tile vertically on the wall. This decision is often going to be dependent on specifics of the space and configuration of upper cabinets. We really like how the tile was taken all the way to the ceiling in this application, both above the cook top and around the vent hood, as well as around the window near the sink. While this does require a little extra tile, the effect of stretching the installation vertically and keeping the wall look consistent with just one finish really enhances the finished look of this space.

Norstone Ash Grey Lynia Interlocking Tile on a backsplash tile with LED under cabinet lighting

Lighting is an important element of a successful natural stone tile installation that should not be overlooked. The natural lighting in this space is better than most, with a relatively large window over the sink bringing in lots of the natural stuff. While it’s a little hard to tell in the photos because of the great natural light, the under cabinet lighting is a great feature that I think the homeowners will end up loving. This low level lighting not only highlights and makes the stone stone tile back splash look amazing, but it is also really functional for any of those times when full on overhead lighting isn’t necessary. One area that probably could use a lighting assist is the wall above the range hood. Without a recessed ceiling light in this area, this corner starts to really pick up some shadows.

Thanks for taking a quick look at this cool back splash project down in South Florida with us today. Our entire line up of natural stone products can be used on back splashes, as well as a host of other wall applications, equally suited for both modern as well as more rustic design schemes. Contact us today to learn more about any of natural stone wall veneer products for your next project!

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