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Norstone Welcomes Lynia and Aksent Modern Tile Series

The Norstone Product Development team in Vietnam has been busy over the past several months putting the finishing touches on new products to meet the color and design trend needs of our customers. While our Grey Basalt Interlocking Tile and Grey Basalt 3D Panel have been an incredibly popular product over the past couple of years with the emergent trend of using grey in design and with preferences trending towards smooth surfaces, we consistently heard from our customers, and know from our own experience in the industry, that white and beige neutral colors will always be a hit. We set out to source stone to make products to fill that gap and in doing so have doubled the size of our Interlocking Tile and 3D Panel range with the addition of White and Beige Marble colors in each of these series.

Close up of Norstone Lynia Tile in Beige Marble Color

Since these new colors are sourced from a different type of stone than basalt, it was appropriate for us to re-brand these series to more accurately reflect the products, thus our Basalt Interlocking Tiles have become Lynia IL tiles and the our Basalt 3D Panels have become Aksent 3D Panels.

The Lynia IL tiles stick with the format we know works well as a large format mosaic wall tile. Each unit consists of 9 strips, that are each 12” long, and vary in height between 1”, 1.4”, and 2.4”. The strips are staggered and set on a two layer backer. The first layer is a thin plastic mesh to hold the strips together as a unit, and the second layer is a slightly more rigid thin backer to help create and maintain the spacing between the individual strips. The units are designed to interlock with each other and are installed similar to other popular mosaic wall tiles, like glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Now available in two colors of Basalt Stone, Grey and Ebony, as well as two new colors of Marble, White and Beige, Lynia IL modern wall tiles have you covered across the neutral color spectrum.

Detail of Norstone Aksent 3D Panel in White Marble

The Aksent 3D panels are a modern tile interpretation of our flagship rock panel product. 6” Tall x 24” long, these panels have a stepped end which allows them to interlock with adjoining field units, as well as pair with the outside corner unit or natural end available in this series. The stone in this series has a honed face, which is smooth to the touch, but not polished or glassy. Individual stone sizes range anywhere from about .75” to 3” in height and 4” to almost 12” in length. The individual stones are epoxied together into the panel format to allow for rapid installation over vertical surfaces. Two new colors in this series, White and Beige, are a marble stone, and join the existing Grey and Ebony colors which are sourced from Basalt stone.

Close up of Norstone Aksent 3D Panel in Beige Marble

As a company, Norstone has gained a reputation as a leading supplier of natural thin stone veneer products. Our Rock Panel and XL Rock Panel lines are amazing products to achieve the rustic look of split face or stacked stone in a design, but with the modern twist and clean lines that you can achieve with a panel system. With the expansion of our Lynia IL and Aksent 3D product lines across the neutral color ranges of white, beige, grey, and black, we look forward to making a bigger footprint in the modern wall tile market place by making great products and backing it up with the highest level customer service our customers expect from Norstone. Contact us or your local dealer today for samples of the new Lynia IL and Aksent 3D products for your next modern wall tile project.

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