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Lynia Interlocking Tiles for Commercial Landscape Wall

Although the future of retail shopping centers is more murky than ever, we were really pleased to work on a project a couple years back at an upscale mall in the suburbs of Minneapolis. The design team had a landscape wall near one of the entrances that they needed to clad in a product that fit the modern design scheme of the building and would also stand up to the commercial nature of the application. Our Lynia Interlocking Tiles in Ebony were selected and checked off all the boxes of the product requirements. Let’s take a look around this area and see what made this natural stone mosaic interlocking tile a good fit for the job.

Norstone Lynia Interlocking Tiles in Ebony Basalt color used on the facade of a modern retail mall outside of Minneapolis, MN

The first thing that catches our eye on in this pulled back photo of the project is the overall style of the project, which is decidedly modern. A clean linear style is present in every material used on the exterior envelope of this project from the glass to the stone, right down to the benches flanking the landscape wall. The Lynia Interlocking Tile is a mesh mounted tile unit where each unit has nine strips that are each twelve inches long, of varying heights, and are designed such that they form a very modern interlocking pattern.

Norstone Lynia Interlocking Tiles in Ebony Basalt color used to clad the landscape walls surrounding the entrance to a mall

This next photo does a great job showing the relative scale of the Lynia Interocking Tile compared to the other products used on the exterior envelope of this building. Since it’s likely that you’ll be up close and personal with the landscaping walls, the medium format scale of the Lynia works well as its much easier to install than a small format mosaic and also ties together nicely with the larger scale veneers on the exterior walls of the mall.

Durability was also a key factor in the product selection for this project. The harsh Minnesota winters, replete with snow, ice, salt, etc, can cause damage to products not suited for the conditions. Natural stone, in this case our Basalt stone in Ebony color, is a great choice for a durable surface. The darker colored grout keeps maintenance to a minimum, which is important for any commercial project.

Norstone Lynia Interlocking Tiles in Ebony Basalt color paired with large vertically oriented stainless steel light fixtures spaced appx every ten feet

We love this next photo of a large wall of the stone paired with modern linear light fixtures every ten feet or so. Stainless Steel is very prevalent in modern design and architecture and beautifully contrasts with the darker tones of the ebony basalt color of the stone. The angle of the photo also gives us a small look at the very subtle texture of these interlocking tiles. Not designed to be a true 3D panel with lots of relief, the interlocking tiles have just a hint of dimensionality that is almost easier to feel than see.

Norstone Lynia Interlocking Tiles in Ebony Basalt color on landscaping walls in a commercial project requiring durability and low maintenance

Grey skies and wet weather aren’t normally ideal for a photo shoot, so when we stopped by this project for a first look we weren’t sure exactly what we’d see. While maybe not perfect, we really do like the wet nature of the stone in these photos. With that little bit of reflectivity caused by moisture, the ebony color looks extra dark and holds it own in this modern design scheme.

Thanks for taking a look through this cool commercial landscape wall project with us. Interior or exterior, the Lynia Interlocking tile products is a great choice for modern inspired design that is looking for a natural stone feature with great lines and just a hint of dimensionality. Contact us today to learn more about this project or any other of our architectural grade natural stone wall covering products today!

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