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A Fun Mix of Four Planc Large Format Tiles Colors

One of the things we appreciate most about the new Planc Large Format Tile that we debuted last Spring is the versatility of the product. We really keyed in on the ability to set the large format tiles in different patterns as being the main source of versatility. Instead of just a plain old running bond or brick set pattern, the Planc product really shows it uniqueness when installed in unique patterns like symmetrical and asymmetrical straight stacks, herringbones, diagonals, and more. Our eyes were opened yet again by this product when the first photos of this week’s featured project came across our desks. The design and installation team on this seemingly straightforward commercial exterior took four colors of the Planc and created an incredibly unique and stand out feature. Let’s take a closer look at what they did and how it was done.

Commercial Exterior ADA Ramp with a large installation of Norstone Planc Large Format Tiles mixed in four colors

The largest uninterrupted section of the wall where the Planc Large Format Tile was installed is part of a incline ramp leading to the front door of this commercial space. The colors used in this installation are the Platinum Lavastone, Grey Basalt, Ebony Basalt, and Silver Grey Quartz in the Planc Series.

One of the things that really catches our eye about this installation is that colors selected create both a contrast and also blend together. Specifically, the dark tones of the Ebony Basalt color create a huge color contrast with the very light silvery grey tones of the Silver Grey Quartz. It’s worth noting that the Silver Grey in the bright exterior natural light comes across as almost white, whereas in interior applications and under different lighting conditions much more of the silver and grey tones show up. The Grey Basalt and Platinum Lavastone then actually come together with very similar light to medium grey tones which gives the wall a solid base tone from which the darker Ebony and lighter Silver Grey bounce off of quite nicely.

Commercial Exterior Feature Wall with four colors of Norstone Planc Large Format Tile mixed together in a random pattern

The Platinum Lavastone was a unique selection among the four colors picked as its the only stone that has naturally occurring veining and striations in it. This is a subtle detail, but one that is actually very important to the overall look of this installation because it unequivocally lets you know that what you’re looking at is natural stone. If all the colors selected had a smooth honed natural stone finish, it would be hard to know what type of product is actually on the wall – tile, metal, even plastic exterior products would all be possibilities. But with the Lavastone comes that amazing natural veining that makes this unmistakable as natural stone.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at this installation and it looks like to us that the four colors are in even ratios. There is also no discernible pattern, other than that the installer laid the product horizontally and kept the same height plancs in each row. There’s also no discernible pattern to the color variation. Overall, we think the “randomness” of the pattern and color mix add to this installation, keeping it one big mash up instead of uniform, which speaks again to the inherent nature of natural stone.

Commercial Exterior Planter and Landscaping wall clad in a mix of four colors of Norstone's Planc Large Format Tile

The impact on this small planter wall at the other end of the building’s entrance is, in our opinion, less pronounced. With four colors to mix together and share the spotlight, the larger the wall the greater the effect will be.

Over the years we’ve seen a handful of clients use our Rock Panels in mixed applications, most often with the contrasting colors of our White Quartz and Charcoal, but the end result never really got our hearts pumping like this project does. The Planc truly is a versatile product in both the colors it is available in and the patterns in which the tiles can be set. Learn more about our Planc product by visiting the natural stone veneer products page of our website or contacting us today!

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