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Modern Stacked Stone Masterpiece in Asheville, NC

Having never visited Asheville, NC, the team at Norstone had a preconceived notion that most of the high end architecture in the area was “Southern Grand” in line with the famous Gilded era Biltmore Estate, one of the areas biggest tourist destinations. There’s no doubt that Southern Revival Architecture has a place in this pocket of the North Carolina’s Blueridge mountains, but what really took us by surprise was this Modern Masterpiece of a home that a designer client of ours completed recently that would fit right in if its was located in Miami Beach or the Hollywood Hills and most importantly the clients were thrilled with the results. Let’s take a look at how the our Charcoal XL Stacked Stone Rock Panels were used to set this project apart.

Modern Stacked Stone Patio in Asheville, NC

The modern design of this home is most evident in the low pitched roof lines and overall clean lines of the space. Extensive use of brushed stainless on the soffitt and trim work contrast nicely with the color and texture of the Charcoal XL stone veneer used on twin accent walls coming out from the interior of the home and terminating on the rear patio. A massive fold up glass partition wall allows for the interior and exterior spaces to come together.

Modern Stacked Stone Flagstone Patio in Asheville, NC

An extended natural stone patio of various size and patterned square and rectangle pavers is a unique and interesting design choice. The size and shape are clearly meant to tie back to the clean lines and sharp corners of the home, yet the irregular spacing and mixed in landscaping allow a nice transition from the modern feel of the home to the beautiful nature and lake views this property calls home.

Modern Stacked Stone Fireplace in Asheville, NC

The view, not only of the amazing corner stone fireplace and large stacked stone accent wall, but also of the lakefront takes center stage when inside the home. The fireplace is quite unique and one of the most “built in” designs we’ve ever seen. The attention to detail used to create this cantilevered corner fireplace, including the use of a continuous stone slab for both the firebox and continuing on along the entire media wall, as well as the absence of any glass partition between the room and gas flame makes this unit and the stone wall around it a work of art.

Modern Stacked Stone Feature Wall in Asheville, NC

The stacked stone on opposing walls of this main living space creates a great contrast in texture that is often overlooked in modern design and helps direct focus towards the large glass wall and out beyond to the lake. While natural light is in abundance in the space, the thoughtful use of up and down lighting on this stone accent wall will give the room a lot of character in the evening hours that would have been lost without the lighting.

Modern Stacked Stone Pool in Asheville,NC

Not to be overlooked is the small yet packed with features stone lined relaxation pool. This little space has it all – an infinity edge overlooking the lake, built in stepping stones that allow access to and from an isolated section of the rear patio, and a cool stacked stone accent wall with a large cut out to walk through. What this pool lacks in size it more than makes up for in cutting edge design and features that flow perfectly into the rest of the outdoor space.

Here at Norstone, we’re fans of all different types of architecture and design, and we have products suitable for all styles and inspirations. Our Charcoal XL panels were a great choice for the modern aesthetic of this project, but a very closely related product, our Ochre XL panel, while using the same sizing and design, pairs well with a much more rustic design scheme. We have in house design experts ready to discuss your project and recommend products given your style. Contact us today to start the process of using natural stone veneer and tile on your next job!

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