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Ebony Lynia IL Modern Stone Fireplace in Chicago

A lot of people think Chicago and immediately think brick because of the city’s rich history with that building material. From the facades of buildings to thousands upon thousands of fireplaces inside the loop and out in the ‘burbs, Chicago brick was a staple building material in the windy city for much of the past 200 years. We love the brick look, and especially some of the companies that are now salvaging and re-using old Chicago brick for new projects, we also really love the design of this family’s Chicago living room with Norstone Lynia IL Tile in Ebony featured prominently on the large modern stone fireplace.

Modern inspired Living Room with prominent dark stone fireplace

One of the first things that catches our eye in the space is the great use of color and light. The Ebony Basalt Stone is naturally a very dark color, which could really bring down the overall look and feel of a room, but in this instance the space benefits from great natural light entering through two long dormer windows flanking the fireplace and glass door in the room. Light colored flooring and accent colored furniture brighten up the room as well, but what catches our eye the most is the bluish green paint color on the side walls which works so well with the darker colors of the Ebony Basalt Stone. Dark grey colors and the dark color pallete often have a significant amount of blue undertones, and in this example the wall colors are both light and cheery but also compliment the stone color perfectly.

Modern All Glass Fireplace Insert set at waist level on a black stone tile fireplace

The fireplace unit itself, as seen in this close up picture, is long and linear to compliment the patterned mosaic of the easy to install mesh backed Lynia tile, and also raised to be more at waist level than the traditional fireplace position nearer the floor. This glass enclosed gas fireplace is less about pushing out heat and more about great looks and the ambiance it creates.

Built in Cabinents and Shelves flanking a large modern stone tile fireplace

Built in cabinets and shelving are always a great thing to have as a homeowner, and in this space there’s no exception. The added storage of the cabinets helps keep the space live-able while reducing clutter when necessary, and all the surface space created by the counter tops and shelves are a decorator’s dream. The smooth stone face of the Lynia Tiles as they wrap around the outside corner away from the fireplace and back towards the wall makes it easy to abut shelving or a countertop snug up against the stone, a common issue with built ins and more variable faced fireplace material like stacked stone.

Modern Designed Living Room with Large Black Stone Tile Fireplace

This last picture does a great job of capturing the modern essence of the space. All of the individual elements come together nicely, from the sleek and linear pattern natural stone tiles to the fireplace unit itself, to the bright and mid century inspired furniture, everything comes together to create a cohesive look.

One of the things we like most about our products at Norstone is the wide range of projects we get to work with our clients on and see our stone get used for. While we might be better known for our stacked stone rock panels, offering a rustic split face stone look with a contemporary clean line twist, we love the new products we’ve been developing over the past couple years, especially the smooth faced Lynia IL Tiles and Aksent 3D Panel Series, to share our love of natural stone and experience creating unique and easy to use wall systems with our clients. Whatever your project and whatever design style you’re inspired by, we hope to have a unique natural stone wall covering that might interest you. Call us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable on staff designers to start the process of creating your next space around natural stone.

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