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Natural Ends - Norstone's Latest Addition to Standard and XL Series Rock Panels

This past summer Norstone rolled out Natural Ends as the latest accessory to their Standard Series Rock Panel, XL Rock Panel, and 3D Basalt Panel lines. The Natural End allows the designer and installer to start or stop a rock panel installation mid wall, terminating the short side of the panel with a natural cleft stone facing. This eliminates the need to terminate an installation into a wall, or use a cap piece to cover the saw cut ends of a standard panel. 

Natural End

Natural Ends are an important part of a thin stone veneer installation as they provide a seamless look on that critical side angle view of an installation. Without a natural end the illusion that the stone is a thick bed veneer masonry, that the face of the thin stone panel is designed to create, is lost. Our production unit carefully finds the most ideal stones for this purpose and uses rock splitting tools and techniques to create as consistent of a cleft finish from the face of the stone to the Natural End side as possible.

Natural ends are packed two pieces per unit, where one piece is appx 6” tall x 8” long, and the other piece is appx 6” tall x 16” long. Each of the pieces have one 6” vertical side in the natural end format, and the opposing side is the standard saw cut end to match up against any standard field or corner unit in the same series. Natural Ends are packed 4 units per box, which equates out to 4 lineal feet of natural end, and covers approximately 4 sq ft of wall coverage when used without cutting. Natural Ends are currently available in all colors of Standard Rock Panel, XL Rock Pane, and 3D Panel Lines.

Natural End

Contact your local distributor or Norstone rep to learn more about using Natural Ends on your next stacked stone veneer project.

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