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Understanding Natural Stone Mosaics

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Barcelona Parc Guell A mosaic in the most literal sense is a collection of materials that are used together to create a larger assembly. In a historical sense, most people recognize mosaics as assemblages of small pieces of colored glass or stone that are used to create some of the world’s finest masterpieces, no better example than Parc Guell, one of the many masterpieces of Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. While impressive art form mosaics are still being produced by leading artists in the world today, the mosaic concept has also found its way into a variety of hard surface products popular among today’s design trends and accessible to most consumers.

Travertine Natural Stone Mosaic Basalt Norstone Natural Stone Mosaic Glass Tile Mosaic

Some of the most popular trends in mosaic materials include natural stone and glass. Focusing a little closer on natural stone, some of the varieties of natural stone mosaics you’ll find on the market today include travertine, limestone, marble and pebbles. Modern day mosaics are normally mounted on a backer, typically mesh, which simplifies the installation process and eliminates having to hand place individual stones to create the desired pattern. One of the more interesting natural stone mosaics on the market today is the Basalt Interlocking Tile product that we manufacture here at Norstone. This product puts sleek strips of basalt, a natural stone made from cooled lava, on a mesh backing system to create the mosaic assembly. The sleekness of the honed finish of the basalt stone and it’s contemporary color tones, combined with the strip nature of the mosaic pattern, create an excellent accent for a modern styled space.

Norstone Basalt Natural Stone MosaicNatural stone mosaics are a natural fit anytime the design calls for making a big impact in a small space. Some of the most popular mosaic installations include entryways, backsplashes, bathrooms, showers, waterline pool tiles, and reception desks. Mosaics can create contrast with both their design and their color. The long and skinny tiles in Norstone’s Basalt Interlocking Tile product might be better suited for a space with limited width because the long lines of this product will visually stretch it out, whereas a square travertine pattern mosaic might work better where the height of the space needs addressed. From a color standpoint, mosaics, particularly those made from glass and ceramic tile, are extremely popular for backsplashes because they are easy to clean up and come in a variety of different colors to suit just about any cabinet / countertop combination you could dream up. The major limitation with mosaics is that due to the size of the individual pieces, the installations are ideally suited for smaller scale projects. Large scale mosaic installations, without a lot of movement in color, will tend to end up looking “busy” and unappealing.

Overall, natural stone mosaics are definitely something to consider whenever renovating or working on a space. Available in a variety of different materials, colors, and sizes, today’s mosaics are both easy to install and incredibly beautiful. Contact Us today to learn more about how Norstone’s products might be a good fit for your next natural stone mosaic project!

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