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Norstone Classroom Series - How to Measure

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One of the first steps in any project is going to be measuring the space and determining material requirements in square feet (sq ft). Whether you are working on a fireplace, backsplash, or feature wall, measuring the pertinent dimensions can be broken down into a few easy steps:

Ivory Feature Wall(To measure for this project, you would simply measure the height and width of the wall and height and width of the window)

Step 1: Wherever stone veneer will be installed, measure the overall height and width of each wall section. Depending on the size of the job, you can measure in inches or feet, just remember to keep all of your dimensions in the same unit of measure. Step 2: Measure any areas on the walls where stone veneer will not be needed, such as a window opening or fireplace. Step 3: Measure and record the height of any outside corners which will be used later to determine how many corner units, if any, are needed for the project.

Charcoal Corner Ochre Corner (Norstone Outside Corner Units can be used whenever the stone veneer needs to turn a 90 degree outside corner. To determine how many corners a project will require, measure the height off all outside corners.)

Step 4: Multiply the height and width of all sections from step 1 to get the total area of the wall space you are looking to install stone veneer on.  Subtract from that total the areas from step 2, where stone will not be needed, such as windows and fireplaces. If you measured in feet, this total will correspond to the sq ft of wall coverage the project requires. If your measurements were taken in inches, divide your square inch total by 144 to convert to sq ft.

If the project has outside corners, take the total vertical footage of outside corners in inches and divide by 6. This is how many outside corner units you will need. Back out the total number of outside corner units from your total square footage to get the right mix of field and corner units. 

Step 5: Add 10% to your totals, which is a standard overage factor for tile and stone installations and covers miscellaneous items like cuts, waste, and breakage in transit / on site.

Geometry Rusty? Triangle Have no fear if the thought of using geometry makes your head spin. Any of the friendly Norstone reps can help with even the most complex calculations. Just give us a call or fill out our contact form and someone will call you back. We can work with formal drawings, photos, even sketches on a napkin to help you determine the right amount of material to order for your project

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