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Designing with Norstone Series - The "Ochre Blend"

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Of all the rock panels, Ochre has the most color variation to it. You will find shades of gray, rust and beige. If you are lucky, you will even receive panels with hints of blue and green. Since the Ochre is made up of a combination of sedimentary rock and quartz, you will also notice that it has a slight gold glimmer that will catch your eye.

Designer Series Ochre

Even though the Ochre has a lot of variation and movement, it is actually very neutral. In regards to style, it’s like a chameleon. It will take on the characteristics of whatever is around it. If used as a backsplash in a rustic kitchen, it will feel traditional and warm. If applied in a modern space with lighter colors and clean lines, it will appear contemporary and cutting edge.

Despite its many colors, Ochre is very neutral. It coordinates well with chocolate brown, ivory, maroon, orange, navy blue, grey, hunter green and red just to name a few. Think of Ochre like you think of Khaki pants – it is a staple that will never go out of style and goes with anything.

Designer Series Ochre

When working with the Ochre, you might find that trim pieces or cap stones are necessary to your project. While we only carry rock panels, we recommend taking your sample or a panel to your local stone yard or hardware store to find a coordinating material. With the Ochre, we find that cherry wood, flag stone, granite or polished concrete looks best. Ultimately, it is up to you and the overall look you are trying to achieve. Again, this is a place where you can put your own personal, unique touch on the application.

Overall, it’s no wonder Ochre is our most popular color. It will provide a visually interesting feature that will catch your attention but is still neutral enough to go with a multitude of colors and styles. If you think it would go well in your space, contact us today for a sample to see this beautiful rock panel in person and all it has to offer.

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