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Norstone Natural End Stone Veneer Panels in Action

Norstone first introduced their unique Natural End Stone Veneer Panels to the Standard Series and XL Series Ledge Stone products back in 2016. Since then we’ve continued to develop the Natural End panel and have them available for all our Stone Veneer Panel Series Products including Slim Line and Aksent 3D. Natural Ends are a perfect solution for any stone veneer installation that is not terminating into a corner or other fixed object, and provides for a natural finish to the edge profile of the panel.

Studio Shot of a Natural End Panel of the Norstone Standard Series Rock Panel in Ochre Blend showing the natural face of the stone along the exposed edge of the panel

Natural Ends for the Standard and XL Series are packed in boxes where each box has four pieces that are appx 8” long and four pieces that are appx 16” long. Each piece is the standard panel height of 6”, meaning each box provides for 4 lineal feet of natural end. Slimline and Aksent 3D have the same dimensions except the Slimline Series packs 10 total pieces per box for 5 lineal feet of natural end and the Aksent 3D Series packs 12 total pieces per box for 6 lineal feet of natural end.

Studio Shot of a Natural End Panel of the Norstone Aksent 3D Series Stone Veneer Panel in Ebony Basalt

The Natural Ends in the Aksent 3D Series is actually a unique twist on the product. Whereas the Standard, XL, and Slimline Series Stacked Stone Rock Panels have Natural End Panels where the edge profile is the naturally cleft stone face, the edge profile of the Aksent 3D Series is a honed finish just like the face of the panels. The edges of the Aksent 3D Series come saw cut, which tends to result in a finish that is a little more abrasive and a few shades lighter in color than the honed finish of the faces of these panels. The Natural End solves that issue by continuing that honed finish to the edge profiles.

Norstone Natural End Stone Veneer Panels in Ivory color used on a residential fireplace remodel project

Fireplaces remodel projects are a prime example of an application where the natural ends are perfectly suited. Many fireplaces, especially builder or contractor grade installations often only present a veneer material, such as brick or tile, from the floor to a chest level mantle, which meets the requirements for non combustibility but leaves a lot to be desired from an aesthetic standpoint. Often when renovating fireplaces like this, the homeowner will opt to take the veneer from floor to ceiling to create a focal point in the room. Natural ends fit the bill perfectly in this type of application as they can be installed over a cementious substrate like cement board, but can basically create a flat layer of stone on the wall without the need to turn back a return on a small outside corner.

Norstone Natural End Stone Veneer Panels and Outside Finger Jointed Corner Units used in a residential fireplace remodel project

The photo above highlights both the Natural End Rock Panels as well as our finger jointed outside corner units. In this fireplace remodel the existing fireplace was a floor to mantel height brick with nothing extending above the mantle to the ceiling. The homeowner was able to cover the existing brick fireplace using stone veneer, wrapping the small outside corner back to the wall using the finger jointed outside corners. Above the mantle the Natural Ends provide the ideal termination for the edges on the veneer.

Products like Natural Ends are just one of the many reasons to think beyond just price when it comes to shopping for natural stone veneer products. Fit and finish are an important part of a stone veneer installation, and accessories like our Natural Ends and Finger Jointed Outside Corner Units offer all the options you need to make your installation look great. Call or email us today to learn more about any of our natural stone veneer products, get a sample, and see how they can work for your next stone veneer project.

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