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Ochre, Ochre Everywhere in this Magnificent Austin, TX Modern Home

Austin, for those that have never been, is a hidden gem of a city in the Lonestar State. Smaller and a good bit easier to navigate than Dallas and Houston, Austin is the capital of Texas, home to the University of Texas, and within quick driving distance of Lake Travis and the Hill Country region offering its residents plenty of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Several high tech industries call Austin home, which along with the University and government sector and have brought an intellectual vibe to the city that is often showcased in the design of its buildings and homes.

Ochre Stone Feature Wall - Austin, TX

One of our clients recently finished this modern home and among many of the design elements used our Ochre Stacked Stone Panels in various areas. In this first photo of the breakfast nook, the stacked stone feature wall takes a back seat to an eye catching chandelier. The rest of this area is beautifully designed with lots of glass for natural light, and a minimalist table with bench seating that keeps your eyes focused on the high ceilings and that beautiful light fixture. Brown color tones dominate the flooring, stone, and furniture making the colorful table accents pop even more.

Ochre Stone Veneer Exterior - Austin, TX

Next, we step outside and have a look and see how the architect and designer created a stunning entry way and front facade with the Ochre stone veneer. Interesting metal lattice work and a smooth concrete raised foundation fortify the modern look this home is seeking to create. A crushed rock yard is common is in a place like Austin where water conservation is a way of life, but also adds complements the utility and function of the stone walls.  Ochre with its nice range of earthy color tones, makes for great exterior projects, including stone patios and facades.

Ochre Stacked Stone Fireplace - Austin, TX

In what might be our favorite part of this house, the dining room includes an amazing feature wall with built in fireplace. The fireplace insert is a two sided stainless steel unit that is open on the inside and glassed in from the outside. Reflective fire glass completes the modern look. The stone wall itself complements the dining table exceptionally well. The color range and rough hewn look of the stone and the table sides bring the room together from a color and texture standpoint. Amazing lighting fixtures and outdoor views make this space we’d love to enjoy eating in daily.

This home is a great example that not all modern design has to be sleek and grey, which tend to make a space look cold and perhaps even feel uninviting. Great design like we see in this project show us that modern design has room for color and texture, so long as its part of a cohesive plan for the space and paired up with other elements, be it flooring, lighting, or furniture to complete the space. If you’re looking at ledgestone or natural stone tile and want to incorporate it into your next modern inspired project, contact one of our design experts who would be happy to listen and share how some of our amazing stone veneer products might be just what you’re looking for.

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