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Mixed Ochre Rock Panel Installation at Wisconsin Country Club

Country Clubs are often truly a multipurpose space with the need to accommodate the sporting aspects of the club itself, but more often than not will include a small retail space, a bar and grille, and sometimes even fine dining and event level spaces. The need for durable, functional and most importantly beautiful flooring and wall coverings as part of a recent renovation at a prestigious golf club in Wisconsin brought up natural stone wall panels as an option and Norstone Stacked Stone Rock Panels in both Standard Series and XLX Series were chosen. The panels are prominently featured on a reception desk, bar area, columns, and the club’s wall of fame. Let’s take a quick tour of this space and highlight a few things that we think make this project worth visiting for a 19th hole libation.

Norstone Ochre Rock Panels used on the host station and columns in the dining room at a country club in Wisconsin

Probably one of the most interesting things in our opinion about this project is that the client chose to use our larger format XLX Series Rock Panels on most of the wall features, but opted for the Standard Series Rock Panels on the columns. Both of the products are made from the exact same natural stone supply, so the color matches, the only difference is the size of the individual stones in the XLX Series is larger than in the Standard Series. This is probably a detail that goes unnoticed by all but the most discerning eyes in the crowd as the difference is very subtle, but the author can only guess that the installer might have opted for the Standard Series on the columns as it results in an easier install since the Standard Series has a straight end as opposed to the stepped end of the XLX Series. Either way, if you look close at the photo above you might pick up on a slightly larger scale to the material on the host station as compared to the column within view.

Norstone Ochre Rock Panels used on bar front at a country club in Wisconsin

The larger format of the XLX Series continues on the front face of the bar. Led strip lighting underneath the bar top does a great job highlighting the stone, even more so when the sun goes down and this room gets darker and more intimate. The stone panels also serve a very functional purpose here by being a durable wall covering that isn’t going to show damage like many less durable bar fronts might. Bumping a bare knee or leg into ledge stone like this might not feel great, but it will definitely keep people from mindlessly kicking this wall while they’re enjoying a few drinks after a fun 18 holes.

Norstone Ochre Rock Panels used on a wall of fame feature wall and columns in the dining room at a country club in Wisconsin

The two columns in this space are visually very important because they frame the dining room and bar area from the rest of the clubhouse and they also help set the design tone of the space from the interior. Columns are a cinch with Norstone’s finger jointed outside corner units and based on the size of these columns, the installer would have ended up using a corner unit at each outside corner and making straight cuts to size on each side of the column. Talk to any stone mason about how difficult corner and specifically column applications can be with hand stacked loose stone, and then tell them they can get a great looking set of columns like the ones we see here done in less than a day with only straight cuts on a wet saw, and you’ll get an understanding of just how compelling Norstone outside corner unit solution is.

Thanks for taking a quick look around this beautiful country club project with us. Whether you’re looking at a commercial or residential project, natural stone products are going to be hard to beat in terms of durability and aesthetics. Contact us today to learn more about our natural stone wall panel products and systems and how they can turn your next stone veneer wall project into a “birdie” like the country club we toured today.

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