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UK Ochre Slimline Residential Interior-Exterior

Norstone’s Slimline Series of stacked stone rock panels was introduced to the market earlier in the UK than it was in North America and as a result we’re starting to see some phenomenal photos come back from our friends across the pond of projects where this stone is featured, including this very cool residential project where the Ochre Slimline is used on both the exterior and interior. While Slimline is Norstone’s budget priced stone veneer panel line, this project proves there’s nothing cheap about how this product comes together once installed. Let’s have a look around this cool space and look closer at what makes this project stand out.

Norstone Ochre Slimline Stone Veneer on a large feature wall in a residential foyer with a floor to ceiling glass vestibule

There are two design elements of this project that really stand out, the first being how the stone was used on what is commonly referred to as a “blade wall” that goes from the outside and then finishes off as an interior wall. This is one of the coolest design concepts because it inextricably ties the style and vibe of both the exterior and interior together, providing continuity in both spaces. It’s so easy to think of the interior and exterior spaces as two totally different worlds, and many times that is how these spaces get designed in both commercial and residential applications. There’s no doubt it would have been easier to stop the stone on the exterior walls and come up with another unique wall covering idea for the inside, so we applaud the design team on this job that chose the path less traveled and came up with this really unique look that totally fits the modern style of the project.

The second design concept that catches our eye is the beautiful glass vestibule between the foyer and the front door. We’ve talked before about how glass pairs well with stone veneer and this is a stunning example of that concept taken to the extreme. The floor to ceiling glass wall with the large frameless door is something totally unique that we’ve never seen before and is surely one of those attention grabbing details about a home, especially being one of the first things you see upon arrival and last things you see when leaving, that will have people talking.

Norstone Ochre Slimline used on accent columns flanking both sides of the front door on a modern styled private residence

One of the really compelling things about the Slimline Series Rock Panels is that while it does have the most attractive price point of all the Norstone Ledgestone series is still comes with all the accessories you’ll need to finish a project, such as finger jointed outside corner units and natural end panels. The outside corners are used extensively in this project, both on the interior feature wall and the two exterior columns flanking the front door. For a project like this, the corners are extremely prominent and really need to pass the “eye test” and not stand out, which is clearly achieved with the Slimline Series corners.

Norstone Ochre Slimine stone veneer panels used on a feature wall in a modern styled private residence

One of the major differences between the Slimline and Standard Series Rock Panel is that the Slimline does have a slightly more basic design, which allows for a higher production output which combined with the thinner and lighter profile of the panel itself translates into savings. Thankfully, this tweak of design doesn’t materially change the distinctly modern clean lined look of all of Norstone’s Rock Panel Series. Slimline is not a rustic panel with off angles and unusual gapping. The clean geometric lines of this Slimline installation work perfectly with the modern design of the space.

Thanks for taking a look at our Slimline Rock Panels on this very cool project in the UK. If you’ve looked into stacked stone veneer before and been priced out, consider our Slimline Rock Panels as they’ll generally come in around 25% less expensive than the Standard Series, while still producing excellent results like the project we’ve profiled above. Contact us today to learn more about Slimline and Norstone’s other premium natural stone veneer products.

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