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Norstone Ochre XL at Boca Raton's iPic Theater

We were very excited to get the call several years ago that our xl series dry stack stone panels were going to be used in a high end movie theater in South Florida. Going to the movies sure has changed a lot in the past 5-10 years. With a myriad of entertainment options available to the general public at home, along with high definition televisions, high powered surround sound systems, and even small scale theater rooms popping up in more and more mid range homes, customers have in turn sought out better experiences for their entertainment dollars when they choose to go out, and nobody is pushing the experience of going to the movies higher than the iPic theater in Boca Raton, FL.

Norstone Ochre XL on Fireplace at iPic Boca Raton Theater Lounge

The restaurant and lounge area of the theater are a visual delight with some of the coolest and most imaginative interior décor features around. Along with our Ochre XL cladding the stone columns and central pass through fireplace features, this space has amazing tiger skin colored and patterned flooring, a rough hewn reclaimed wood bar, an exceptional tongue and groove ceiling and some really cool plants which remind us of a bonsai, but on a massive scale. The ochre color of the stone veneer was a great choice for this space as it bridges the colors of the flooring and the ceiling, while the product also has enough texture to not get lost a midst everything going on in this space.

Norstone Ochre XL on a column at iPic Boca Raton Theater Lounge

This corner table looks like a great place to grab a drink and appetizer either before or after a movie. The design team shows a particular affinity for textures, with the stone veneer column and feature wall coming opposite the reclaimed and painted brick wall. Not to be outdone, a highly textured basket-weave wallpaper forms the inside of this space. A detail lost on many is the use of our outside corner units on the column. The unique finger joint system allows for amazing clean and easy to install corners like the one in this picture.

Norstone Ochre XL on the patio columns at the iPic Boca Raton

The great design at the iPic in Boca Raton extends out to the patio area as well. The stone columns help provide continuity to the look and design as they get extended out into this space. The outside corner units again play a prominent role in the three sided columns and while not shown here, also clad two larger scale columns serving as a main entrance point to theater and lounge. While most people associate South Florida with hot summer days, al fresco dining is a year round event, especially once the heat of the day subsides or with the aid of portable patio heaters on the chilliest of Florida’s winter nights.

Art installation resembling twisted wood to form a cocoon at iPic Boca Raton lounge

Even though this next photo doesn’t have any of our Norstone veneer in it, we can’t help ourselves from sharing it with our fans as just another amazing testament to the uniqueness of the design of this space. Aptly named the Cocoon Lounge, this twisted and gnarled art installation forms one of the most unique seating areas in a bar or restaurant that we’ve ever seen.

At the iPic in Boca Raton, you won’t find sticky floors from spilled soda or the inevitable stale popcorn smell when you walk into the theater. You will find a top notch movie watching experience and an amazing restaurant and bar with some of the most unique interior finishes anywhere to grab a drink or bite before or after the show. Like iPic is to movie theaters, Norstone is a luxury brand within the stone veneer industry and we’re proud for our Ochre XL product to be used on a project of this caliber.

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