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A One of A Kind Stone Bathroom

Natural stone is a great choice for bathroom projects because it helps evoke that spa like feel that really elevates a space. This master bath renovation project took the natural stone design scheme and ran with it all the way to the goal line. Beautiful flooring and an amazing textured wall of Norstone Ochre XL Series Rock Panels all lead up to the real show stopper, which is the amazing free standing one-piece natural stone tub. Let’s take a look at all of those things and the awesome details that make this space noteworthy.

Norstone Ochre XL Feature Wall in a bathroom feauturing a freestanding one piece natural stone tub

Flooring has always been a primary use for natural stone in high end bathrooms. We don’t have a ton of detail about the flooring used in this project, but visually we can tell its a large format tile that is either natural stone, or a high end porcelain version that uses HD printing and other technologies to very closely mimic the look of natural stone. In recent years, porcelain tile manufacturing has gotten so good that its almost impossible to tell from pictures alone whether a product is natural stone or manufactured tile. Regardless, the floor tile in this bathroom sets the color tone for the entire space which the tub, accent wall, and all other design elements work off of.

The stacked stone feature wall stands out from both a color and texture standpoint. While still working within the base “earth tones” of the space, the Ochre XL Rock Panels also bring in a nice blend of accent colors, including some darker charcoals that work with the storage unit and inside of the tub, as well as some lighter brown and orange accents that complement the exposed wood beam on the ceiling. The texture the wall creates is super important to the overall feel of the space, complementing the freestanding natural hewn tub. The height of the room and the decision to go floor to ceiling with the stone helps give this feature wall an added visual impact.

Norstone Ochre XL Stacked Stone on a bathroom feature wall showing a close up of vintage tub hardware

A small detail not to be missed is the light fixture on the stone wall. Positioned to illuminate the tub hardware and provide some low level ambient lighting to enjoy both a soak and a good book, this light fixture also does a great job of blending into the wall and not detracting from the stone feature wall.

Saving the best for last, the tub itself is really the focus of the space and in and of itself an incredibly unique design element. One piece stone stubs are kind of like the Rolls Royce of bathrooms and you most often see them made from marble. What is really cool about this particular tub is that the stone its made from has a very unique looking natural cleft to the outside of it as well as the overall shape of the tub. To truly appreciate natural stone, you have to learn to appreciate the imperfections in nature and how those manifest themselves in finished products. The asymmetrical nature of this tub really hits home that the beauty is in the imperfection.

Outside the box design ideas aren’t for everyone when it comes to a bathroom design or remodel project, but they sure are fun to look and dream about for your own space. If you are considering using stone in your next bathroom project give any of our product experts a call and we’d be happy to walk you through our line of veneers that can help take your project to the next level.

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