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Pairing Furniture with Natural Stone Veneer Walls

In this week’s blog we are going to explore different ways that furniture and natural stone veneer walls can work together to create a cohesive design across a wide variety of spaces and types of projects. Let’s get started!

Norstone Natural Stone Veneer Grey Lynia Interlocking Tile used on a modern fire pit with modern styled Adirondack Chairs

Furniture as an Extension of the Product Design

Adirondack chairs are a classic outdoor look and create a nice extension of the design of the Lynia Interlocking Tile product in this multi family outdoor living space in the metro DC area. The spaced out lines of the Lynia tile match up nicely with the gapped wood slats of the Adirondack chairs, creating some synergy between the stone tiles and the furniture in this decidedly modern styled space.

Norstone Natural Stone Veneer Ebony Lynia Interlocking Tile used on a modern fireplace with a contrasting colored red chair

Furniture as a Contrasting Color

Color is such an important part of any design, especially a stone veneer project because the color of the stone often dominates the space since it naturally takes up space on the wall and in many instances serves as a focal point. This fantastic red chair and ottoman offer a perfect contrasting accent to the dark grey of the Ebony Lynia Interlocking Tile in this residential living room.

Norstone Natural Stone Veneer Ochre Rock Panels on a living room feature wall with a matching neutral toned couch and pillows

Furniture as a Similar Color

If the style of the space doesn’t lend itself towards creating bold contrasts with color, furniture in the same color pallete as the stone veneer wall can also be used to create an amazing look. We really love the neutral color of this couch and how it ties nicely with the earth tones of the Ochre Blend feature wall in this contemporary living room. Bonus points to the interior decorators for tapping into the rust tones of the Ochre Blend color range with the pillow and throw which add another layer of color complexity that is easy to glance over but really adds to the overall look of the space.

Norstone Natural Stone Veneer Ochre Rock Panels used on a fireplace in conjuction with a large dining room table made of solid wood with natural edges

Furniture as a Natural Element

We always love it when furniture is designed for a space out of natural materials to complement the natural stone veneer on the walls. There are a lot of choices when it comes to wall coverings, so whenever someone sees the value in a natural wall product, it’s cool to see them double down with natural furniture as well. The table in this modern inspired living room in Texas is a solid piece with natural edges that just oozes with character and is the perfect center piece to the room. The color of the wood as well as the texture of the natural edge works perfect with the ledgestone fireplace clad in Norstone Ochre Rock Panels.

Norstone Natural Stone Veneer XL Series Charcoal Rock Panel used on a foyer wall with a built in cantilevered simple wooden bench

Furniture as Part of the Stone Veneer

Why not integrate the furniture right into the stone veneer wall like we see here in this mid century modern styled foyer in Massachusetts? This cantilever bench can be enjoyed both for its simplicity of design and look, as well as for the well thought out engineering that would have gone into securing it to the wall. The cantilever style makes it feel built right into the wall, inextricably tying this piece of furniture to the stone veneer it is a part of.

As you can see from these awesome projects, furniture really can do more than just add the “finishing touch” to space. Well thought out pieces can enhance the total feel of just about any room, including those with natural stone wall veneers to work off of. To learn more about Norstone’s extensive line of premium natural stone products, please contact us today to discuss your next stone veneer project and let our design experts work with you on what products and color ranges we have that can enhance your space.

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