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Norstone Planc Large Format Tile on Hollywood Home

It’s really exciting to start to see project photos of the new Planc product that we released earlier this year. We’ve seen a lot of interior projects, especially fireplaces and kitchen backsplashes, but this residential project in Hollywood, CA is one of the first we’ve gotten some really good photos of that used the product on both the interior and the exterior. The exterior looks amazing with the style, design and pattern of the product really fitting into the architectural style of the property, but the really amazing use of the product is on an interior feature wall / fireplace where the design team and installers thought outside the box as it relates to how Planc can be patterned and created a look on the wall that a lot of people will emulate in the future.

So even though this project is still in construction, let’s get some dust on your shoes and take a look around this awesome project and get inspired to use this awesome new product.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Tile used as an accent on the front facade of a modern home under construction in Hollywood, CA

The main street facing view of the home shows the Platinum Planc product being used as an accent around the garage and entryway. This modern design has lots of straight lines and keys off the rectangular shapes of the prominent windows and doors, all of which beautifully into the linear format of the Planc tiles. One thing we really love about this view is the use of the wood door, fascia, and soffitt accents. The wood contrasts nicely color wise with the overall modern grey theme of this home, but also plays together well with the lavastone of the Platinum Planc with both of them being natural products.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Tile used on the exterior of a modern home around large sliding glass doors in Hollywood, CA

The same design scheme plays a prominent role in the back of the home as well. Glass is always an attractive choice to pair with modern stone materials, and the two sets of over-sized triple pane sliding glass doors push that combination to the max. We also are really impressed with the installers attention to detail, especially with all the outside corner work done to return the tile back up tight against the windows and doors.

Norstone Platinum Plance Large Format Tile set in a symmetrical pattern on an interior feature wall with two windows and a fireplace

What really took our breath away on this project was this interior wall, and specifically how the design and installation team chose to lay the stone in a straight vertical stack with a continuous pattern of the large, medium and small Planc tile heights. Interestingly enough, the same pattern is used outside, but we think its a more powerful visual used on the interior walls where there aren’t as many competing visuals from the design of the exterior. Planc large format tile is a highly calibrated product that doesn’t need grouted and generally is set in a dry stack method, but we love what the installer did here. By setting these large format tiles with a larger than average grout joint both horizontally and vertically, the symmetrical nature of the pattern that the tiles are laid in really gets accentuated. Since the lavastone that the Platinum Planc is made from is considered a porous stone, sealing it prior to grouting is a good idea. The darker grout against the grey tones of the platinum color are a lot more forgiving on the preciseness of the installation, especially important on a symmetrical installation like this.

If you’ve been thinking about using a large format tile like Planc on a project, this is a tremendous example of what is possible. While it definitely leans more towards the modern end of the design spectrum, the natural veining of the platinum and graphite colors, along with a more traditional brick set or completely random stagger pattern would move this product a lot more towards the realm of traditional design. We’ve very excited about this product and hope you are too! Give us a shout if you’ve installed Planc as we’d love to see what else has been done by our clients. Or if you think Planc might be a good choice for a project you’re working on, our knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and get samples headed your way!

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