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New Planc Pattern Guide to Inspire your Next Project

When we introduced our Planc Large Format Tile product in mid 2018 one of the things that intrigued us must about the product was the design possibilities that existed with the product from a pattern standpoint. The product itself is a three piece set – each piece is 31.5” long and each set has tiles that are 5.5”, 2.4”, and 3.1” tall. The product was designed with symmetry in mind in that the height of the two smaller pieces totaled up to the height of the larger piece. One of the most rewarding things about this product has been introducing it to designers and seeing immediately where their mind goes to in terms of layout and pattern. While a designer’s mind sees all the possibilities of this product right from the start, we wanted to give our non-designer clients a tool to comprehend the pattern possibilities of this product.

Norstone Planc Large Format Tile Pattern Guide showing 6 popular patterns to install Planc in

The pattern guide above now lives within the brochure and specification sheet for the Planc Large Format Tile product. For this pattern guide we picked 6 of the most interesting yet approachable patterns that the Planc product can be installed in. Some of our favorites from this guide are the soldier stacked pattern with grouted joints that was prominently featured in a Platinum Planc project that was completed in Hollywood, CA and that we featured in our blog project profile series last year. The dimensionalized running bond is another pattern that we really love. This pattern takes the easy and simple to install running bond pattern, but dimensionalizes certain pieces within each set to create a 3D effect. The pieces are dimensionalized by inserting tile spacers into the setting bed and can be dimensionalized at random or according to a set pattern depending on taste. The herringbone pattern is one that we haven’t seen done yet on a project, but are eager to work with a project that is willing and ready to take it on.

Norstone Planc Large Format Tile shown installed in a straight stack with grout joints on a fireplace project

This pattern guide represents a very small amount of the total number of overall patterns possible with the Planc Large Format Tile product. Symmetrical patterns where the two smaller pieces meet up with the large tile and are installed in either a straight stack or running bond pattern is another whole area of design that haven’t even been explored yet. This product really encourages you to think outside the box and has the possibility to create a truly one of a kind look for a project.

Norstone Planc Large Format Tile shown laid out in a Herringbone pattern

One thing important to consider when installing Planc Large Format Tile in a pattern is that the pattern will probably be a bit more challenging than installing it in a simple running bond format. Doing your homework with the installer and making sure they know what the pattern it is and how to address areas like corners, outlets, etc is a good first step. The labor rate for installation will probably have a small premium, but will be well worth it assuming the installer knows exactly what they are doing and see the project through to a successful completion. Patterns can also impact how much waste or overage is required for a natural stone project, so if you are thinking about a pattern make sure to plan it out and lay it out before even ordering material so you get the order right the first time.

If you love the size and scale of Planc, take your project to the next level by using one of the patterns in our new pattern guide, or creating a pattern unique to your project. If a specific pattern or understanding how a pattern overlays on your specific project contact us today and one of our helpful team members can review your details and offer assistance. Planc Large Format Tiles are a beautiful product and will look even more amazing when installed in a pattern, so we encourage everyone to think beyond just a running bond stack and show us the amazing patterns you come up with for your next stone veneer project!

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