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Ivory Stacked Stone Coastal Home

The founding partner of Norstone spent a significant amount of time living in Australia and the brand was actually first introduced in the land “down under” many years before it was brought to the United States, Europe, and the other global markets. The project we are profiling today is over 15 years old and still looks as good today as it does in the photos below. This residential project features our Stacked Stone Rock Panel System product in the Ivory color which gets used on a sea wall and throughout the backyard pool area of this amazing space.

Norstone Ivory Rock Panels on a coastal sea wall with small beach near Sydney, Australia

Situated within the coastal area of Sydney, this house features a small white sand beach that commands the rear of the property. The sea wall was built to level off the back yard and enable a pool to be built. In an effort to beautify the large concrete wall, Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels were added to this coastal application extending from the sand to a little over halfway up. One of the unique things about this project is that at certain high tides throughout the year, the salt water will actually rise up against the stone on the wall and begin to flood the small stairway leading to the backyard. Norstone stacked stone rock panels are a perfect product for exterior stone applications and ideal for this type of salt water exposure because they are made of durable natural quartz stone, which has superior salt and staining resistance as compared to lower quality stone veneer products made out of sand stone or slate.

Steps leading from the backyard of a private residence in Australia to a small beach with stacked stone on the walls

We’ve always loved this small flight of steps and single doorway that lead from the backyard down to the beach on this project. While I’m sure a glass or opaque type material would look amazing in the space, we love the idea of being down at the bottom of these steps, not knowing what is behind the door, opening it, and being smacked right in the face with the stunning beauty of coastal Australia.

Norstone Ivory Rock Panels on a coastal sea wall with steps leading to residential backyard near Sydney, Australia

The Ivory Rock Panels continues on into the small landing area and up the steps. The design here is subtle, but plays an important part in the overall rear facing elevation of this project. The top of the stacked stone panels are all at same level, whether its on the sea wall or as you go up the steps. This helps create two distinct spaces, starting with the stone on the beach side, which gives way as you climb the stairs and enter the back yard.

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels used as part of a large raised beam feature wall in a coastal pool

As you might expect, the backyard of this property does not disappoint. With an amazing view of the bay, and by US standards an absolutely massive pool, this backyard is framed out with lush landscaping to provide privacy without comprising the vista. Ivory is a great color for outdoor and pool projects, and it’s used here as part of a large raised beam which is the actually the flip side of the stairway running down to the beach. You can also see the stacked stone panels peaking out towards the bottom right of the pool where they come back in towards the house from the sea wall.

Coastal and beach applications of natural stone can be a very tricky thing. Anybody that has ever lived on the coast knows just how hard the salt water and air can be on anything that stays outside. Many Norstone natural stone veneer products are well suited for these types of applications, so if a beach house or coastal project is in your future and you want to know more about what kind of natural stone wall veneer options you might consider please contact us to learn more about coastal tested and approved natural stone products.

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