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Stacked Stone Veneer – The Perfect Choice for Health Care Office Buildouts and Remodels

Hospitals, outpatient doctor’s offices, dentistry practices, and chiropractic studios are just some of the many health care offices that we’ve seen our stacked stone veneer and natural stone tile products get used on over the years. In this week’s blog we wanted to examine this trend and shed some light on why natural stone wall coverings are so popular in the health care industry and have a look at some of our favorite health care related projects where Norstone products have been used.

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Veneer Rock Panels on radius wall behind reception desk of medical office

One of the things you’ll find in almost every outpatient medical office is a reception desk. In an industry where first impressions do matter, we’ve seen lots of new build outs and remodels opt for cladding either desk itself or the walls behind and adjacent to the reception desk in stacked stone. The photo here shows a large wall that starts behind the reception desk with the stone curving out along a gentle radius into the main waiting room area at an oral surgery center in Texas. While nobody likes getting their teeth pulled, the absence of any sharp curves along both the desk and main wall of this space creates an inviting environment that is designed to keep patients at ease.

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Veneer Rock Panels used on feature wall with signage for dentist practice

Signage and branding is also very important in the health care field, which makes installing signage on stacked stone veneer products a common application in the health care field. The feature wall shown above is prominently situated in the waiting room of this Dentistry practice and greets customers as they enter the office. Associating their brand with natural stone is a no brainer for any health care provider, since natural stone is typically associated with quality, strength, and durability. There’s also a burgeoning trend in health care field to create what most would describe as spa like environments and experiences within their offices, which is where a product like natural stone, already very popular in spas, can contribute to a spa like aesthetic.

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Veneer Rock Panels used for dividing wall in medical office and waiting area

Another thing pretty much all health care offices are going to have in common is that they are commercial spaces, and most have a steady steam of foot traffic every day, so durable wall coverings, particularly on exposed areas is a definite advantage. In the photo above, this central blade wall is exposed to traffic back and forth between the waiting area and reception desks as well as up and down the staircase to the offices above. Stacked stone on this wall in the form of our Ochre Blend Rock Panels is a functional and beautiful solution. The stone will stand up to years of being bumped into and scratched with all manner of items without showing the wear and tear that you’ll get on painted drywall, wall paper, or many other wall coverings.

Norstone White Rock Panels on large feature wall at hospital with curved walls and benches

Color is another attribute that a health care space is going to consider when selecting wall coverings and our White Rock Panels make a great choice as you can see in the photo above of a main reception area of a hospital in Delaware. White is a color commonly associated with cleanliness, something pretty important at a hospital, so extending that color scheme out into the common areas strengthens that image the hospital is trying to portray. This particular stone feature wall is absolutely stunning with its built in signage, curved adjoining walls, and sleek bench seating. The white stacked stone is enhanced by both bright white LED lighting as well as natural light entering in from above for a crisp, pure look.

Whether you’re remodeling your own practice or an architecture & design professional looking at new and exciting products, definitely keep stacked stone veneer in mind for your next project and contact us today for samples, a quote, and to speak to one of our product experts about using stacked stone for your health care project.

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