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Natural Stone Veneer at a New High End Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities are one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and might likely see explosive growth over the next decade plus as the baby boom segment of the population becomes more and more likely to engage these services. The health care segment has always embraced natural stone in their design, and we’ve had the opportunity to have our natural stone veneers placed on dozens of doctors offices, hospitals, and clinics throughout the country. This particular project slipped under our radar until we saw pictures of the finished installations and wow, were we impressed when they came across our desk. Let’s take a quick tour and see how our Ochre Blend Rock Panels are a great addition to the space for the residents and caregivers.

Norstone Ochre Blend Rock Panels used on a floor to ceiling fireplace with long linear gas fireplace insert

The main community room is the breathing heart of a facility like this one, and the magnificent floor to ceiling stone fireplace with its modern linear gas fireplace is the main attraction in this space. The incredible durability of natural stone means this wall surface will be maintenance free for years to come, and the sensible brown / grey blend of the Ochre Rock Panels works great with the neutral pallete the design teams of these facilities must work between. While the fireplace is slightly more form than function in terms of heat output, the visual it creates in the space is exceptional and again will be very easy for the staff to maintain without the hassle of a more cumbersome fuel source.

Natural Stacked Stone Panels used on the feature wall in a small hair salon with two chairs and two large mirrors

An onsite hair salon is a really unique feature of this facility that comes with an exceptional look. The big feature wall of Ochre stone veneer adds a high end spa like feeling to the space and is infinitely nicer to look at while getting a trim or color than painted drywall. The big floor mounted leaning mirrors, colorful chairs and minimalist design is plucked right from any high end big city hair salon.

Stacked Stone panels used behind a commercial buffet station

The next area the rock panel are featured on is as an accent wall over a serving station in the breakfast area. This stone wall serves as almost a pseudo backsplash, offering up a much more durable wall covering option than painted drywall. Sealing the stone for a backsplash application is a good idea as it will allow for any stains that find their way onto the face of the stone to be easily wiped off. The neutral color pallet of the Ochre Blend stone works in nicely with the light colored wood cabinets and furniture of the space and the cream colored solid surface countertop.

Stacked Stone Veneer Panels on a feature wall in a spa like treatment room at an assisted living facility

One of the last areas the stone was used on is a series of treatment rooms where the residents can receive a variety of services, from massages to physical therapy / rehab, to hydrotherapy. Just even having facilities like this in house is a major selling point for an assisted living facility, however this facility takes it to the next level with high end finishes. The main wall is a beautiful floor to ceiling stacked stone feature wall of our rock panels in Ochre Blend, while other design features like vessel sinks, flat euro-styled cabinetry, and luxe bath towels make this space feel a lot more like a spa than your typical medical treatment room.

With projects like this under our belt, we look forward to continue to provide the health care industry with new and exciting wall veneer options that serve the dual purpose of meeting the unique needs of the industry while still looking amazing. Whether its health care, hospitality, retail, office, or high end residential, our team of design experts is here to help plan your next project – call us today to get started!

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