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Norstone's Top 5 Dining Room Stacked Stone Feature Walls for Thanksgiving

For many of us, Thanksgiving is the most important, often times the biggest meal of the year. Whatever your traditions are, one thing we can all agree on is that a beautiful setting for the meal certainly enhances the entire experience. So for this holiday season, we put together our top 5 dining room stacked stone feature walls. Here they are!

Norstone Ivory Rock Panels visible through two large panoramic glass windows in an open concept kitchen and dining room

Our first space is a cool modern inspired open concept dining room / kitchen. Prominent from any location in this big open space is the beautiful Ivory Rock Panel feature visible through the impossibly large panoramic glass windows. Equally beautiful during the day as well as night time when this wall is lit up, this feature wall is a great focal point for the space and a beautiful backdrop for a festive meal.

Norstone Ochre Rock Panels serving as a background feature wall in a small corner dining area with a spectacular sunburst syle overhead light fixture

Not every holiday celebration brings together friends and families near and far, and this next dining area is a great example of a how great design can work in small spaces. This corner dining nook has an appropriately sized table for just a few, and is beautifully situated in front of a lovely Ochre Blend Stacked Stone Rock Panel Feature wall. Low slung benches instead of traditional backed chairs minimize the bulk of the furniture in this space, while the light fixture creates a lot of texture that is works well with the geometric three dimensionality of the stacked stone.

Norstone Ivory Rock Panels on an outdoor feature wall surrounding an open air patio with dining chairs in Cyprus

Our next space expands on the traditional concept of a dining room as we go“al fresco” as they say in Italy. This outdoor dining area is actually a Norstone project on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, and is nestled into a rocky outcrop on the owner’s property. The stacked stone feature wall behind the area is actually designed as a utility screen, to block various equipment and control systems needed for the home from view. We love the Ivory Rock Panels used on this wall as they tie in perfectly with the native limestone outcroppings and have great contrast against the bright blue Mediterranean sky.

Norstone White Rock Panels on a prominent feature wall in a cozy modern inspired kitchen and dining area

This next project features stacked stone perhaps the most prominently of any of our projects, with our White Quartz Rock Panels extending along the entire back side of this cozy living room. The name of the game with this space is color and texture. The White Rock Panels tie in perfectly with the color scheme of the marble counter top and white cabinetry while adding in a significant amount of texture to create some contrast against an otherwise sleek and modern inspired kitchen. The light up “cafe” sign with its warm incandescent lighting helps to bring down the space and warm it up just the right amount to make it super appealing for any meal, holiday or otherwise.

Norstone Ochre Rock Panels on a see through fireplace on a wall in a beautiful dining room with a large wood table and multiple floor to ceiling glass windows and a bubble style light fixture

The last dining room in our top 5 list is this beautifully designed space in Dallas. There are so many small details in this space that some of them get lost! The table itself is gigantic, with seating for 12 and a very cool natural edge that creates a real rustic vibe. The stone is used on cool feature wall adjoining the space with a clever see through two side fireplace that adjoins an outdoor seating area. The rest of the space is amazing with its prominent floor to ceiling windows and doors which give the space amazing natural light, and for when the sun does go down, this room has some of the coolest light fixtures we’ve seen paired with our stone. Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any meal in between, this is a great space to break bread with family and friends.

Thanks for taking a look at our top 5 dining room stacked stone feature wall projects. If you are considering stacked stone for a feature wall in your dining room, you still have time to get it done before the new year – so call us today to get started!

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