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Top 5 Residential Stacked Stone Backyard Projects

With Labor Day in the rear view and Halloween fast approaching we know that our time outside will start to get shorter and soon enough come to end with the shorter days and colder temperatures of fall and winter. To celebrate an awesome summer of 2019 we put together this list of our favorite residential stacked stone projects to re-live those great memories we made outside the past couple months.

5) Southern California Outdoor Stacked Stone Pizza Oven

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels on Outdoor Backyard Pizza Oven

We love this project for two reasons, the food and the view! Who doesn’t love pizza and what a better way to enjoy everyone’s favorite food than in this beautiful outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven clad in our Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels. Stone is a favorite material for pizza ovens having many of the same thermal and insulating qualities as traditional brick veneer, but in a much more stylish aesthetic. The gentle mountain backdrop of this Southern California backyard ensures the great food isn’t the only star of the show.

4) Terraced Stacked Stone Garden Wall in Europe

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels on terraced backyard retaining wall

European architecture and design is known for having lots of subtle layers and features to a project that at first glance it’s really hard to see it all. This stacked stone garden wall in Denmark is no different. Creating a barrier between a higher side yard and a hardscape patio, this stacked stone retaining wall is clad in our Standard Series Ochre Rock Panel. The built in steps connecting the two areas are practical yet very well designed to bridge the gap between the grassy yard and the hardscape of the stone patio, but what really catches our eye is the built in fireplace. And it’s not a fireplace built into the stacked stone retaining wall, this unit actually vents to the terrace above providing heat to both levels. Beautiful and functional design make this stacked stone backyard one of our favorites.

3) Tiny but Mighty Urban Stone Courtyard

Norstone Grey Lynia Interlocking Natural Stone Tiles on interior backyard courtyard

Proving the point that a backyard doesn’t have to big to be beautiful, this cool space in dense and expensive San Francisco used our Lynia Interlocking Tiles in Grey Basalt Stone to beautify the walls on this small space. Artificial turf is both practical and extremely functional in this small space meant to be a small outdoor refuge within the city to get some clean air, sunshine and quiet. The honed finish on the Lynia Interlocking is smooth to the touch and perfect for a small space like this where contact with the wall is inevitable.

2) Stacked Stone & Steel Modern Mountain Home

Norstone Charcaol XL Stacked Stone Rock Panels on Modern Mountain Home Backyard

The backyard of this modern mountain home in the North Carolina mountains is dominated by the stacked stone and stainless steel accents. Our Charcoal XL Stone Panels are used extensively on this property on accent walls throughout the large open air patio. The dark color of the Charcoal color and the sleek design of the XL Series panel matches the modern aesthetic of this property which is accented heavily with stainless steel on the trim work, patio ceiling, pool waterfall, doors and chimney fixtures. The combination works seamlessly to create a really modern feeling to the space yet still utilizing natural stone to make it interesting.

1) Stone Planc Patio Pool Wall

Norstone Planc Large Format Tile on Modern California Pool Home Backyard

Probably our favorite new product that has taken off this summer is our Planc Large Format Stone Tiles, and this super hip Hollywood, CA home is the perfect place to use them on the patio wall. The large linear format of the Plancs fits perfectly into the modern style of this home and the scale is just right for this exterior backyard wall. Stone and hard surfaces abound in this backyard, from the large format porcelain pavers to the Planc Stone Tiles on the wall – this is a perfect backyard to sit back with a cocktail and watch day turn into night.

Thanks for taking a quick tour of five of our favorite residential stacked stone backyard projects. Our natural stone veneer products are perfect for interior and exterior projects of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today to learn more about using natural stone veneer on your next project.

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