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Top 5 Stone Bathroom Projects

Before the advent of porcelain and ceramic tile and other non porous surface materials, natural stone was probably the most popular surface material to be used in bathrooms, going all the way back to the bath houses of ancient Rome and the Middle East. While bathrooms have gotten a lot more private these days, the use of natural stone remains a mark of a quality bathroom with high end finishes. We’ve assembled this list of our Top 5 stone bathrooms featuring our natural stone veneer products to share with you today to explore what we think makes a bathroom great. Let’s get started!

Norstone White Stacked Stone Rock Panels on wall surrounding freestanding tub in bathroom

Our first stone bathroom project is all about the color, that color being white. White is a great color to design bathrooms with because it evokes cleanliness which is an important feeling to create in the design of any bathroom. This bathroom features a free standing tub with traditional curves surrounded by a stacked stone wall of Norstone White Rock Panels. The White Rock Panels look a little dark in the light of this small room, which actually ends up working perfectly with the light grey accent towels and mats of the space.

Norstone Grey Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tiles on wall behind double vanity with vessal sinks and floating mirrors

Speaking of grey, our second stone bathroom features our Grey Lynia Interlocking Stone tile used as a backsplash and decorative feature wall behind the a modern vanity. The stone in this application is grey basalt, which is honed and cut into interlocking strips that are laid as a mesh mounted mosaic and then grouted. The design of the interlocking stone tile and the smooth polished finish fit right into the modern vibe created here with the vanity, sinks, mirrors and light fixtures. The stone in this application will also be super functional and will easily stand up over time to the routine cleaning that this sort of area sees as part of daily use.

Norstone Ochre Blend Stacked Stone Rock Panels used as an accent strip on a bathroom vanity backsplash and inside a walk in shower

Our third stone bathroom we love for the creative use of the stacked stone panels as accents on both the vanity backsplash and the large walk in shower. Most of the time we see our natural stone panel products create the primary color pallete in a given space, so it’s cool to see how this bathroom was designed using the stacked stone panels as accents in both texture and color to the base stone look tile.

Norstone Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels on a large feature wall between the bathroom and large walk in shower

Our fourth stone bathroom sticks with our stacked stone rock panel products, this time used as part of a massive walk in shower feature wall. This photo taken from outside the shower shows the entrance to the large walk in stone shower, which is on the other side of the wall from the vanity. Norstone Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels are used to bridge the space from the main part of the bathroom into the massive shower stall itself. The contrasting black and white color pallete of this space is a perfect fit for the modern linear geometry of the stacked stone panels and the clean lines of the vanity and sink.

Norstone Grey Aksent 3D Panels on an interior and exterior feature wall in a modern Dallas, TX bathroom

Our fifth and favorite stone bathroom project is this beautiful modern bathroom in Dallas, TX featuring our Aksent 3D Stone Panels. There’s so much subtle detail packed into this small space we could easily write a whole article about, but the thing that stand out the most to us is the creative use of the stone on both the inside and outside of the space. The glass wall creates the illusion of being outside, with just a layer of clear glass between you sitting in a comfortable soaking tub and the private backyard. While that feeling might not be for everyone, it most certainly creates a luxurious feel to the space.

We hope you enjoyed having a look at some of our favorite stone bathroom projects where our products have been used in a variety of different applications. If you are building or remodeling a bathroom and considering natural stone contact us today to learn more about all the different ways natural stone veneer products can be used.

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