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Two Sided Ochre XL Stacked Stone Feature Wall in Dentist's Office

We got a chance to work with a family dentistry practice in Delaware last summer that were building out a new office and looking for something to add a designer touch to the finishes. The space itself has a really cool design in that the wall is essentially decorative, but serves as both a backdrop to the reception area as well as a visual block to the rest of the administrative areas of the office. We were excited the decisions makers like our large format Ochre XL stacked stone veneer for the feature wall and decided to use it on both sides of the wall, to enhance not only the outward facing reception / waiting room view, but also the interior of the office as well. There are few really cool things that stick out to us about this project, so lets have a quick look around both sides of this wall and talk a little more about them.

Norstone Ochre XL stacked stone feature wall with stainless steal signage in a Dentist Office in Delaware

The signage on the stacked stone feature walls is really the most eye catching part of the space. In looking at the signage from both sides, we really like the stainless steel look as well as the modern font used. Both of those elements work very well with the design of our stacked stone panel products, which have a clean linear geometry to them and thus pair nicely into modern inspired design. We wrote a whole blog about installing signage on stacked stone walls, which involves drilling into the stone with masonry bits and using stand off hardware to allow the signage to sit proud, and thus flat, of the variable face of the stone. By all accounts it looked the sign company on this project did a tremendous job.

Norstone's natural end panels shown along the edge profile of an Ochre XL stascked stone feature wall

Another more subtle thing that catches our eye on this installation is the fantastic use of our natural end panels to form a natural looking end piece on the sides of each of the walls. An installer could have opted to use our finger jointed outside corner units and wrapped the stacked stone veneer around all four sides of the wall, but the natural ends installed as you see here offer an alternative that don’t require the installer even turns the corner. Just like our corner units, we definitely also hang our hats on our natural end panels as well. They create a beautiful, completely natural looking edge profile that is in no way machine made or altered. It’s the these little details that we think make Norstone the premier manufacturer of stacked stone veneer products in the marketplace.

Norstone Ochre XL stacked stone used in a feature wall behind the reception desk in a dentist office

The color of the Ochre XL panels is also a perfect fit for the overall color pallette of the space. The brown and gray base tones, along with the rust colored accents work very nicely with the light wood paneling of the reception desk. The mustard color accent color painted on the short sides of the feature wall, along with the lighting of the space really brings out the brown tones of the Ochre XL and makes the space very warm and inviting.

Norstone Ochre XL stacked stone used on the backside of an accent wall in a dentist office in Delaware

Our stone veneer panel system products have been used extensively on health care projects similar to this one all over the country. While most people will notice the beauty first that a stacked stone wall brings into an environment like this, one of the other main factors stacked stone walls are often seen in health care projects is their durability. With the large number of foot traffic moving through a doctor’s office or hospital each day, a very durable product like stacked stone is going to keep that wall looking forever. Next time you’re in a high traffic office, take a look at the walls below waist level and you’ll see lots of marks, gouges, streaks, etc against painted or similarly covered walls. A durable product like stacked stone makes a great option to keep a high traffic wall looking fresh without ongoing maintenance.

Thanks for taking this quick tour of this Ochre XL feature wall and perhaps learning a little more about why stacked stone is a good choice for health care projects like this one. If you’re working on a health care project, or any job for that matter and are interested in learning more about how a stacked stone veneer feature wall might help improve the space, contact us through our website or give us a call to learn more and request a sample. Until next time – brush twice and floss once daily and remember stacked stone for your next feature wall project!

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