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White Marble Aksent 3D Panel Showroom Feature Wall

When we launched our White Marble natural stone products in the Lynia and Aksent series in the fall of 2017 we knew we had some nice looking products that the market would find interesting. Earlier this year we featured this stone in our Lynia Interlocking Tile product installed vertically in a small powder room feature wall. Today, we are excited to share with you an installation done in the summer of 2018 by one of our long time distributors. They were in the process of opening up a new showroom in South Florida and it turned out to be the perfect opportunity to collaborate on a feature wall using our White Marble Aksent 3D Panel. We love how it turned out and hope you enjoy this quick look at this awesome new product.

Norstone White Marble Aksent 3D on tile showroom feature wall with modern styled kitchen vignette

The first and most obvious thing about this product is the color. We call it white marble because the stone has a beautifully honed finish that showcases an overall white and light grey color pallete. As you can see, this showroom feature wall corners up against a small white and grey kitchen vignette which works well together with the overall color scheme. The hex shaped backsplash tile with metal inserts and the waterfall style counter top give this scene a real modern styled design which matches up nicely with the smooth but textured look of the Aksent 3D panels. The super large white floor tile,set on a diagonal, rounds out the modern look. The cabinet hardware stands out as a little more traditional, but a quick swap out with some more modern styled pulls can show you what a small change, that also won’t cost a lot of money, can really enhance the look of a space.

One of the things we like most about the white marble stone products is the finish. From an industry standpoint, this product has a honed finish, which is not quite as smooth or reflective as polished. Still, you’ll see some nice light reflection in this showroom wall even off the standard fluorescent lighting of the showroom.

Norstone White Marble Aksent 3D on tile showroom feature wall with modern styled kitchen vignette in white and grey color scheme

This photo of the wall which is taken slightly more straight on does a good job of showing the dimensionality of the Aksent 3D Panels. These panels vary between about 1/2” to 5/8” thick, which is much less than our traditional ledgestone panels, which can range between .75” and 1.75”. However, with the flat faces and large individual stones that make up the Aksent 3D, the 1/8” variation in thickness from one piece to another creates just the right amount of depth and visual interest on the wall to make this product look good. One benefit of a panel with a slimmer profile is how easily it terminates right into the door frame and on top of the baseboards.

One of the things we like the most about this color is that it is unapologetically a natural stone. Some of the pieces have a little more grey while some of the pieces have a little more white, while still others might have a subtle veining of the color to it as well. For lovers of natural stone like us, we don’t see these as imperfections, but as the inherent beauty of a natural stone product that a man-made product can never fully replicate.

If you’re looking for a lighter colored tile to add dimensionality to a wall, we’d definitely recommend the Aksent 3D Panel in white marble. This product should be used primarily for interior applications for for outdoor applications where it won’t be exposed to moisture and in areas where it does not get below freezing. Reach out to our customer service team to learn more about this cool stone, available in both the Lynia Interlocking Tiles and Aksent 3D series and to request a sample today.

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