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White Marble Lynia Interlocking Tile Backsplash

Norstone’s Lynia Interlocking Tile Series has actually been around for almost a decade, but the first major refresh of this line came in 2018 with the release of the White Marble and Beige Marble colors. The medium format sizing of the Interlocking Tile has always proven to be a good fit for interior projects, especially kitchen backsplashes, feature walls, even showers. Since the first prototypes came together of the White Marble tile, we knew the combination of the color and marbling in the Lynia format was going to be a winner. The client whose backsplash is featured in this week’s project profile wanted a backsplash tile that complemented the natural stone aesthetic created by the large kitchen island, but also worked well with the modern vibe the stainless steel appliances, dark countertops and light cabinets created. Let’s take a look at how the Lynia Interlocking Tile helped pull this space together.

Norstone White Marble Lynia Interlocking Tiles used on a kitchen backsplash in a corner kitchen with large island and granite countertops

The pulled back view of the kitchen helps define the space the homeowner had to work with. What stuck out to us was the beautiful large kitchen island with a stunning granite countertop that was juxtaposed with a “corner kitchen” featuring solid surface black countertops, stainless steel appliances, and flat front cabinets with linear hardware that all create a very modern look to the space. The backsplash selection in a setting like this is actually a lot harder than you might think, since there are a lot of elements and styles the homeowner was looking to pull together. The Lynia Interlocking Tile in the White Marble color works really well here because it has an overall white color pallet and the clean horizontal lines the individual strips play off the modern vibe of the kitchen, while the marbling and the fact that product is indeed made out of White Marble helps tie the beautiful granite countertop into the overall space.

Norstone White Marble Lynia Interlocking Tiles used on a kitchen backsplash set against a large 6 burner stainless steel range and vent hood

In this up close look at the backsplash tile behind the 6 burner range you can see some of the subtle veining of the White Marble in this product that give its a lot more character than just a white subway tile would have. In an application like this backsplash, we would definitely recommend sealing the natural stone tile a quality water based penetrating natural stone sealer to make it simple to clean up the day to day food splatter and spills that are part of any kitchen that gets used. Bright white under cabinet LED lighting is not only super functional, but creates great ambiance in lower light situations and will really show off the beauty of the backsplash tile.

Norstone White Marble Lynia Interlocking Tiles used on a kitchen backsplash showing electric outlets extended out against the tile

While the new trend in backsplash remodel projects is to move the electrical outlets into a thin strip on the underside of the upper cabinets, the traditional look employed here to keep the outlets on the wall of the backsplash is well done here. The white faces of the outlet covers, and the relatively flat surface of the Lynia Interlocking tiles don’t make this as difficult of a project as installing outlets around stacked stone, and the job done on this project looks quite clean and well done.

We’re excited to see what other projects our clients use the White Marble Lynia Interlocking Tile product on. We’ve always loved the format of the Lynia Series, and we think the new White Marble color will look great in any location where a light and bright colored tile is called for, and that could benefit from the distinction and class that a beautiful natural stone like Marble will bring to the surface. Our new White and Beige Marble colors are available in both the Lynia Interlocking Tile and Aksent 3D Panels Series made by Norstone.

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